Canine Heritage Genetic Breed Test let’s you know your dog’s breed makeup

With the thriving popularity of designer crossbreed dogs (e.g. Golden-doodle, BorderJack, Puggle, Schnoodle etc.) every dog no matter how checkered their parentage past can join the mash-up breed naming fun! With this home genetics testing kit from MMI Genomics you can find out exactly what breed of doggies “did it” and resulted in your magnificent mongrel. Upon ordering the test kit you are sent a DNA Cheek Swab that can be used to simply swab some of your pup’s inner cheek (this may be far from simple with some Terrier/Pit breeds!). Then you pop the filled swab kit back in the mail and within 4-6 weeks you will receive a lovely certificate of DNA breed analysis with a listing of the breeds of your pooches parents. The test will run you $79.95 and is available to order direct from MMI Genomics. And the next time you roll into the dog run and are asked “What kind of dog is he?” you don’t have to be relegated to simply answering “oh he’s just a mutt” – now you can hold your head up high and reply “he is a purebred Golden-Chi-Malti-Pit-Poo”!


2 responses on “Canine Heritage Genetic Breed Test let’s you know your dog’s breed makeup

  1. JenJay

    This company will not back up their results- we sent in a sample from our half lab, half bassett hound mix, and they set us a result saying that he was a chow chow, cocker spaniel. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. When I asked them to check to see if they had mixed up the results, they said the “results were correct, and looks might be deceiving.” Honestly, DON”T BUT THIS!!!

  2. Beth

    I’m with JenJay. SAVE YOUR MONEY! I have a yellow lab. Some of the puppies in his litter looked like German Shepherd mixes. Since he”s extra tall for a lab( 27″) I thought I’d send in a DNA sample to see if he also had a German Sheperd father. What a joke. They said he is Golden Retriever, Doberman and Basset Hound. Don”t bother. If you read some of the write ups (wish I had) people even send in DNA from their pure bred dogs and are told they are some crazy combination.

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