Radio Shack is SO WRONG!

This season’s holiday TV ad barrage had a little “pet fashion” wrinkle in the mix that caught our eye. Radio Shack latest round of ads feature things that are SO WRONG as opposed to shopping with Radio Shack. But one of their ads starts with this completely adorbs Pomeranian dressed in a pretty snazzy green elf outfit and then flashes “SO WRONG” across the screen?!?! Huh? What?

Not quite Boycott-worthy but come on Radio Shack! If you want to check out things that are SO WRONG please check out PupStyle’s Doggie Don’ts.


7 responses on “Radio Shack is SO WRONG!

  1. jon

    @Kelly This IS so RIGHT and outta sight! He is totally adorable!

    @Lourdes No kidding!

    Come on it’s Pom-Poms on a Pomeranian!

  2. Suzanne Lanoue

    Because it’s wrong to dress up dogs like that – they don’t like it. This dog looks very uncomfortable….even though it’s cute 🙂 He’s an animal, not a doll….

  3. jon

    @Suzanne I really don’t see the discomfort but I understand your perspective.
    The one misconception that some people have is that the dog is living 24/7/365 in clothing. Generally (at least in our case) we will dress up a dog for some fun, take a few photos and then off come the clothes (or they fall asleep – whichever comes first). But 80% of the time the dog is “au natural” and whenever they see the clothing come out they get very excited because that means it is play time (and they are excited about all of the extra attention).

    thanks for adding your opinion 🙂
    happy holidays

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