Skele-dog shirts give you X-ray vision

The story of the Skele-dog harkens back to a long afternoon in a veterinarian waiting room with a particularly appealing dog anatomy poster. Inspired – Shawn Skeledog whipped up the first shirt design (the Dachshund) for him and his friends and started wearing it around the streets of Atlanta. Every time they walked out of the house they were bombarded with compliments from design junkies, wiener dog fanatics, vets and architects. Fast forward to today and that original wiener of bony inspiration has lead to an ever expanding collection of Skeledog tees. Currently 12 dog breeds are available – including Poodles, Jack Russells, Greyhounds, Chihuahuas and many more. Now you can step outside sporting a stylish nod to your favorite dog breed. Tees are available directly from the Skeledog website and are priced at $25.

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