Camoflage collar and leash set from Trixie and Peanut

If you were pondering over what to pooch-pair with your Army-green cargo pants this Spring, look no further Private! The Joint Chief’s of Style over at Trixie & Peanut, offer a Camouflage Step-in Harness & Leash Set detailed with a “Government-issue Green” bone or a “Private Benjamin Pink” heart toggle to take the look a little bit sideways. This handcrafted coolness is made from ultra lightweight, water-resistant ripstop nylon and slips on without any buckles. For an extra snug “battle-ready” fit the assemblage adjusts to the size of fido’s chest instead of neck. Available in Teacup sizes for your little Field General and all the way up to large sizes for your hulking Jarhead. Prices range from $59-69 depending on size.

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