Sweet sweats and tees from Paris-based designer Dirty Little Dog

With the streetwear tee-shirt trends moving away from clever statements and more towards innovative graphic designs – we are hoping that dog tee-shirt designers will be following soon. Leading the defection from “pun-based” dog wear towards a more refined graphic style are Parisian style-leaders Dirty Little Dog.

Their current line of tees and sweatshirts are available in 12 different designs all viewable in their current season Look Book. Dirty Little Dog’s designers Zoe and Jaimee keep it fresh by focussing in on current fashion design trends from wildlife prints (wolf see below) to the handmade modern style (see handdrawn Aibo robo-dog below) as well as repeating print patterns and remixing famous artists works (see doggie warhol below). Currently the limited edition Wolf design is available online through Comme a Paris for 49.00 Euros.

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