Luxirare’s Rocky DIY Adidas dog track suit

Mystery fashion blogger Luxirare is an internet fashion phenomena and a pet fashion aficionado. There is very little known about Ji Kim the force behind Luxirare (she obscures her face in all postings on the site) – but she does dote on her Maltese, Rocky. In a recent posting she documented the process of buying a children’s Adidas track suit and re-draping and re-sewing it to fit Rocky – Rocky x Adidas. Going from a two piece track suit the eventual outcome became a one-piece jumpsuit complete with a leash remade from an Adidas necklace. Luxirare may remain a mystery but we’ve got our eyes out for a white Maltese rocking a dope Adidas track suit!

Luxirare Adidas Track Suit rebuilt to fit her dog Rocky
Luxirare Adidas Track Suit rebuilt to fit her dog Rocky
Luxirare Adidas Track Suit rebuilt to fit her dog Rocky


11 responses on “Luxirare’s Rocky DIY Adidas dog track suit

  1. Brandon Granich

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing the addidas jacket could you get back to me please.

    I also like the shoes aswell

  2. Francesca

    Very interested in the Adidas jumpsuit for dogs! The dog in the picture looks exactly like my dog I would love to purchase!

  3. katherine davies

    Hi I would love to buy the tracksuit for my dog, please can you let me know where I can get one. I love it! X

  4. dara Post author

    Hi Katherine-I get asked this question often. The posting is a DIY project which is an example of a track suite the designer made themselves.
    Thanks for stopping reading!

  5. dara Post author

    The Addidas track suite is a DIY project and not mass produced. I recommend connecting the designer directly. It was a rare find. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with the pricing.


  6. Mary

    Yes I would like to get the Adidas jumpsuit for my Yorkie named Rocky. I need a size med-large. Please let me know how nd where to purchase now.

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