J. Press delivers a preppy Holiday outfit

In the hierarchy of “preppy” there are different degrees of authenticity; Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfigger, and others all dream of having the blue-blood, mayflower, ivy league pedigree that is held by J. Press. An ancient outpost of preppy dress seemingly built into the firmament around most Ivy League university towns – J. Press trumps them all when it comes to “old school” dresswear. And now thanks to a Japanese company CreativeYoko J. Press has entered the pet fashion marketplace.

J. Press shirt and tie for dog

J. Press is offering this preppy outfit that would make the perfect gentleman out of any pup. A well tailored checkered oxford shirt combined with a rep bowtie and this little fellow will be answering the door politely and taking the guests coats in no time! The button down shirt is made of pima Cotton and available in blue, black and pink checks for $58.00 and the rep bowtie is available in three traditional striped styles for $13.50.
Just like the human J. Press stores it takes a little bit of hunting to track down these coveted threads – there is only one US retailer Han Nari NY and they are located in the Roosevelt Mall in Queens NYC (not quite the ivy covered walls one would expect). To order these items you can email or call the Han Nari NY store or get in touch with them via the Han Nari NY Facebook page.
You can check out more of the J. Press pet fashion line here.

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