Flavor X Porter Dog Ruck – a backpack carrier for your Dog

Japanese bag brand Porter has made another pet product collaboration – this time with super-cool pet product design studio Flavor. Porter’s previous collab effort of a dog collar from streetwear designer Original Fake turned into a big hit. But this time around Porter has gone to their strength (bags) and designed a innovative dog carrier for the urban pup on the go. The “Dog Ruck” is a high quality backpack carrier made out of water repellent cloth and reinforced with double stitching. The interior includes a lead hook – to prevent unexpected jump-outs – as well as a padded bottom for the dogs comfort. For the smaller dogs there is also zipper netting to contain your pooch while out and about. While I don’t think I would hop on a motorcycle with my dog on board this way – it does offer a much easier method for moving around a city or traveling short distances. Currently the Flavor x Porter Dog Ruck is only available in Japan and it costs $460+USD (52,000 Yen). But with the ever expanding pet fashion marketplace in the US and Porter’s interest in producing cool dog products – it is only a matter of time before they make it to North America and Europe.


2 responses on “Flavor X Porter Dog Ruck – a backpack carrier for your Dog

  1. jon

    I have put in a question to the designers to find out if they have a recommendation.

    But I did find out the bag dimensions are
    w43cm h36.5cm d26cm
    w 17″ x h 14″ x d 10.25″ (inches)

    So this would definitely rule out most larger-medium sized dogs. If I get word back from the designers I will post it here.

    Thanks for reading PupStyle.com!

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