Fabu Dog Bags from JCLA!

When Hollywood actor/model, Jeanne Chinn purchased a messenger bag with an appliqué of a sleeping kitty on it she had no idea the stir it would cause., Jeanne had grown tired of hearing people exclaim, “I would kill for a bag like that with a DOG on it!” That was her “Ah-Ha!” Moment and Rescue Me Totes was born.
Driven by a desire to create casual couture bags with a cause she designed and manufactured the bags herself. These fabu totes serve as an everyday carry-all and have a leash clip so you can clip your favorite furry friend inside.
When my bag arrived you could hear my scream of “OMG GORGEOUS!!!” from New York to L.A! The signature golden paws immediately caught my eye as well as the luxurious micro mink lining that snaps out and can be replaced with a black signature lining. Everything about this bag screams couture right down to the jeweled dog collar on the silhouetted dogs and cat!

The best part of all? For every Rescue Me Tote sold a portion of the proceeds go to worthy animal charities. We heart Jeanne for that!

The bags come in Flirty Feline, Te Quiero Chihuahua, Doggie Style and I Love New Yorkie. The bags cost $210 and a potion of the proceeds go to animal charities.


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  1. Jeanne Chinn

    Thank you Susan & Jon! If you’re still stumped for holiday gifts, please enjoy this $63 coupon code for the Rescue Me totes: paws4cause Just enter it at checkout. We’ve been slammed with holiday orders, but have managed to process them all same day or next day. 🙂 The furries thank you for your support and enthusiasm. <3

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