Creature Couture Dog carrier for el Hombre muy Macho

Manly Muttsack. If you’re a dude who has ever tried to find a straight-forward carrier for your dog, no doubt you were left puking over the abundance of pink fluffy sissy sacks at the pet store. Well Mister Macho, now you can dismiss any fear of being “Puppy-Purse Punked” at the dog run . has the best in butch bags for both men and women to carry their dog in style. They have two fabulous “man bags” to check out, but our favorite is the “Hemmingway”. It’s a leather bag with a messenger style flap and roll up doors on both ends. Plus, it has pockets for a cell phone, business cards and a pen (essential for high level dog run schmoozing and play date networking). It comes in Noir and Chestnut and carries up to 12 lbs. of hound hunkiness. It’s hot diggity!!!


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