Brava!!! Belissima!! Dogs and Dolls

Luxury Pet Accessories Dog & Dolls is the all-Italian brand that is simply put Belissima!

Dogs and Dolls
Dogs and Dolls
Dogs and DollsDogs and Dolls

From these adorable sweatshirts made in stretch cotton featuring prints dedicated to singular dog breeds or groups of dogs and embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals, to this stunning Eco-leather jewel harness made ​​with pearls, crystals and floral applications in resin, finished with Swarovski,this collection made in Italy by specialized workshops are really special!

Dogs and Dollsimage

Personally I am dying to wrap up my little ones in this snuggie and say Buona Notte!



3 responses on “Brava!!! Belissima!! Dogs and Dolls

  1. Carlene

    Awwwww…..Why not try making your own? Thrift store hoodies in large sizes OR an plain adult American Apparell hoodie can be silkscreened with your dogs photo and then embellished! Fun rainy day activity!

    Thanks for your support! we love our readers!

    Carlene Mahanna
    Editorial director

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