Skateboard dog feeder from Skate Dog Studios

Kick Flip to Kibble with a Wet Nose Grind!

Get ready for gnarly radness at chow-time with these awesome skateboard dog feeders. Made from colorfully graphic solid maple skateboard decks these drop-in stainless steel dog bowl offered raised bowl feeding with some DogTown sk8r steez to boot!
The creators at SkateDogStudios have wide range of fresh new colorways to choose from as well as a line of recycled used skate-decks. SkateDogStudios runs the “Skate it Forward” recycling program to take “previously loved” skate decks and reuse them as dog feeders. If your pup is missing some crucial street-cred – these authentic skate feeders will fill the bill! 13 different designs are available directly from the Skate Dog Studio’s in North Carolina and cost $100.00.


3 responses on “Skateboard dog feeder from Skate Dog Studios

  1. Ashley

    I have a skate pet feed and I love it!!! SO do my two dogs. It’s perfect and well crafted. Thanks Skate Dog Studios!!

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