HugX wins 2008 Lifestyle Innovation Award

Ireland based HugX takes top design award at Pet Fashion Week 2008. From the field of 8 incredible “pet dinnerware” designs – a team of expert judges (including Emilie Baltz (, Connie Wilson (moderndog) and our own Dara Foster) had to select a winner of the 2008 Pet Fashion Week Lifestyle Innovation Award. It was a tough choice but in the end the clean lines, utilitarian design concepts and innovative bowl positioning of the Hugx bowl pushed it to the forefront.

Speaking with HugX CEO Jane Grant after the award ceremony we learned more about Hugx’s design pedigree. The bowl was designed with the team of Justin Magee and Stephen McGilloway who have worked with Mercedes and Audi’s auto design team. The automotive design influences are obvious with the metal frame set in an sports-car-like aggressive stance footed upon high-performance skid-proof rubber feet.

A great deal of thought was put into the design and conception of the Hugx. The detachable dishwasher-safe bowl sits snugly into the aluminum frame and can accommodate approx. 1 1/2 cups of kibble and if you turn the bowl around (“ears” pointed down) it will hold approx 1/2 cup of kibble (for feeding puppies or those in need of a little dietary restraint). The positioning and angle of the bowl even allows access for those pathetic satellite dish wearing post surgery pups (though it is decidedly less funny to watch).

Oh yes and to avoid any confusion the company name is pronounced Hug-kiss (as in xoxo) not Hug-ex! However you say it this is an award-winning combination of design and function and is available to purchase through the Hugx website.

We have closed the contest and are alerting the winners! Stay glued to your in-box it might be you!

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