I Has a Hot Dog Has book!

From the same masterminds who brought us the kitty-dominated I Can Has Cheesburger? comes the doggie equivalent I Has a Hot Dog! – and now they’ve hit the bookshelves with an eponymous compendium of diacritical photo & word mixed media works (aka cute puppys ‘n funny stuff). While this edition will surely have many older generations scratching their heads as to why these ramblings of morons written on puppy pictures are so popular. Maybe it is the silly voice in which we “hear” the headlines in our heads that causes the most laughter – either way these are super fun to read during any bathroom visit. And in this handy “book” format instead of clicking next you just have to flip the page! Available from amazon.com I Has a Hotdog: What Your Dog Is Really Thinking

Do you see what she's wearing?   I would'nt be caught dead in that.



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