P.L.A.Y. – Heels and Boots pet bed

Pet beds need to have some serious style in order to stand out in the PupStyle household. The Heels and Boots limited edition bed from Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y) definitely delivers! With a great design created by San Fran-based artist David Collins – the bed really speaks to the pup-fashionista. Combining the charming naivete of little kids playing dress up in their Mom & Dad’s shoes with the bold graphical silhouette style this bed is a surefire attention grabber.

The bed exteriors are made with 100% cotton and offer a zipper for easy cleaning while the insides are stuffed with eco-friendly PlanetFill™. The beds have been sleep-tested by Flo, Bernard & Mr. Jenkins and judging by their constant battles the PLAY bed has been deemed a winner!

available from P.L.A.Y online: P.L.A.Y Heels and Boots pet bed


3 responses on “P.L.A.Y. – Heels and Boots pet bed

  1. Dara Foster

    I have to say, all 3 of my dogs love this bed and the quality is really very good. It’s the kind of bed that once you feel the weight and quality of fabric you say “ahhh, this is lux!”. I appreciate the thought and time they give their design and it’s hard to imagine a better dog bed for me than one with a pic of a dog wearing high-heels. I mean, come on….so Dara! LOL!! Bravo P.L.A.Y.!

  2. Dara Foster

    I forgot to mention the large bed even fits my Flat Coated Retriever, Mr. Jenkins, but Bernard the Chihuahua has kicked him off and has been owning if for the past few weeks. He’s like king on the mountain with that bed! The picture of Bernard and my Jack Russell “Flo” pictured above is a rare moment where Bernard is sharing it. He’s a total bed hog.

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