Bark for Gold !!!!!

The Summer 2012 Olympics kick off soon and what better way to celebrate than with an Olympic style pup party!

Stylish Puplympians will want to arrive in the latest Olympic fashion!



Lounge lizards will love lounging while watching the games than on these awesome Union Jack beds and loungers!



Don’t forget to serve these delicious treats! Woofwiches by Lainey’s!



One response on “Bark for Gold !!!!!

  1. Barbara W.

    I love the Olympic doggy coats, although I don’t think my pups would allow me to get anywhere near them if I was holding one of those. Ice cream for your dogs is also a great idea. We buy ourselves ice cold refreshing treats on a hot summers day, but we don’t think to do the same for our furry friends who suffer even more. Thanks for sharing.

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