Vibrant Bold Design Portraits by Dean Russo

Somewhere  between realism and abstract coloring lies the brilliant technique that is so unique to Dean Russo. Vivid color and symbolic texture give way to intense expressions. Dean’s urban surroundings reveal influential elements of graffiti and street art that bring emotion and authenticity to his work.

Dean’s work was on display recently at the Mutt Show in Brooklyn, NY  and we had a chance to learn more about this uniquely talented artist.Dean got his start when he was asked to participate in a fund raiser for shelter pets in NYC, His first dog portrait was of a homeless labrador he named “Labradopt”. This philanthropic artist has donated works of art and funding to numerous animal shelters across the country.
Check out Dean Russo on his facebook page:
and his website:


5 responses on “Vibrant Bold Design Portraits by Dean Russo

  1. gary

    who is this man can anybody tell me ANYTHING about him not just his name and pieces of art

  2. Elizabeth Schottle

    Please – I would really like to know the name of the picture above with the 2 small dogs and where I can get one. I have a pom and long haired chi mix and they look just like those 2 dogs. I have already spent hours trying to locate one. Please help! Thanks so much.

  3. Elizabeth Schottle

    There is a print featured on your page with 2 small dogs wearing sweaters/dean Russo – one is a pom and the other looks like my long haired chi mix. What is the name of that portrait and how can I purchase one? Thank you!

  4. Elizabeth Schottle

    I am still looking for the print (above) with the 2 dogs wearing sweaters. They look exactly like my dogs.

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