Painter Nathan Janes offers a new line of Dog themed Pop Art lithos

With the recent record breaking sale ($842,250.00) of a John Emms oil painting “New Forest Foxhounds” dog portraiture and dog themed art are all the rage in the art world. The dog-art auction gauntlet was throw down back in 2005 with the then record setting sale ($590,400.00) of the low-brow classic ‘Dogs Playing Poker’. What is an avid dog-fanatic/art collector to do if they don’t have a spare half million to drop on works of collectible canine curio? Check out the iconic and bold works of pop artist Nathan Janes. Janes offers an excellent catalog of his most popular paintings available as canvas reprints ranging in price from $475-$675. If you fancy your pooch as the Edie Sedgwick to his Warhol – you can commission a Pop Arf portrait starting at $5000.00. That works out to a small price to pay for a pop art interpretation of your modelic mongrel muse.

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