“Act Of Dog”-Famed Artist Mark Barone Creates First Memorial Museum To Honor Shelter Dogs

           One man painting 5500 shelter dogs and using art for social change!

Mark Barone is humble hero, who in our opinion us far more super than even Super Man! He is a Chicago native  and extremely accomplished painter who has set out on a mission-to create the first EVER Memorial Shelter Dog Museum.  Act Of Dog is a 501 c3 non-profit and %100 of donations go towards the salvation of shelter animals only. Click here to donate.


He needs your help by spreading the word, retweeting and posting on Facebook or making a donation of any amount.. Together, our animal community can be part of this amazing mission and help save the lives of shelter pets across the country!

You can SPONSOR a dog painting and have your name displayed below it on the ActofDog.org web site.  Act of Dog Founders Mark & Marina honored me with displaying my name below two beautiful paintings on page 10. Consider a sponsoring a dog!


CLICK on the painting below for an amazing video of Mark painting and telling the story behind his mission. It’s something I promise you will want to share!




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