Smooth plastic dog “Woofy” hides messy cords

Why can’t you be more like Woofy? When searching for a role-model for your own pup – you can find none better than Woofy. This affable plastic pooch was created by handsome Argentine designer Gabriel Nigro (pictured below) as a clean and cute way to gather and hide all of those nasty power cords. The Worldwide reaction to Woofy has been overwhelming – with a majority of owners treating Woofy more like objet d’art rather than an electronics cord cozy. Sites have popped up with folks posting pictures of Woofy around the globe and Woofy with friends. The Japanese Woofy site is (naturally) the most obsessive and includes a photographic guide to discerning a “real” Woofy versus the numerous copycat versions. Woofy can be purchased through the Normann-copenhagen site devoted to all things Woofy and is available for $212.50 USD.

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