Security Blanket ID – a cute info tag for your Pooch

We have a problem with canine escape artists. Mister Jenkins and Ms. Flo have an incredible ability to escape from our yard at exactly the wrong time. Nothing causes a pit in your stomach like a missing pet.

Over the years we’ve seen the various dog finding systems come and go (GPS, mobile, wifi, bluetooth, etc. etc.) and they always seem to have some kind of glitch. For example a few months ago Flo ran away while wearing a GPS & mobile phone based collar that is supposed to text the owner once the dog goes outside of a defined area. When I realized Flo was missing I grabbed my phone hoping for some txt based info on how to find her. Nothing. Uggggg. Yet another time Flo was at home in New York sitting in my lap and I received a text msg saying “Flo is outside of your “home zone” – she is now located on Route 124 in Sheboygan, Michigan!”

Time to go back to the old school for a better solution! You can always rely on analog printed tags to do their job and when combined with a digital online info source all the better!

[disclosure: BlanketID has advertised on PupStyle and sent us some free tags to try them out – and these are our findings]

Off the bat the BlanketID tags are smaller than normal dog tags. Measuring about 1 inch by 1/2 inch these tiny tags trump the bulkiness of all other dog finding systems. The tags are available in a wide array of happy colors and patterns that will match any pet’s style. One thing that does not translate well with web images is how rounded the tags are – they are more like the shape of a chicklet rather than the typical wafer style tag.

The online component of BlanketID is very straight forward with a simple online interface where you can login and enter your dog’s info, your contact info, vet numbers, etc. If you realize your dog is missing you can login to and list your dog as missing – the site supplies an easy to print LOST DOG poster with all of the necessary info and then notifies your local SPCA, animal shelters, hospitals as well as other local BlanketID members. Then if someone finds your pooch they just read the BlanketID tag – go to the – enter the ID # and they are given the info to return your pup.
A big advantage to the online info registry is if you take your dog on vacation – you can just update your contact info online to your local location without having to change tags.

The BlanketID tags are North American made and are available from their website for $24.99 (CAD) and come with 1 year of membership. After that membership ranges from $7-$12/year depending on length of commitment.

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