2 responses on “Dogs Can Read!

  1. Alana H.

    Hi Dara,

    I just checked out the book on the Scholastic website, and I have to say that the dog on the cover looks adorable and decked out for a great night out on the town. Kudos on your new book! Now, what, in your opinion is a good style guide for a Maltese?


  2. Mariah Jayde Stumbaugh

    Dear Dara, i really hate your books im just playing i really love your books i just got today at my school Fairview Elem. one of the books it was Red Carpet Pups the one my friend Emilie gets a kick out of is the pichure of like were it dreeses like Victoria Justice but I like the pichure I get a kick out of is the one were it dreeses like katy perry and nicki manja how did you get the picure of katy perry and taylor lautner and kristen stewart because I im in love with taylor but i love there movie twilight thats why any who thanks for the book next i hope you make in the next book dogs drees up as like frogs,bunnies, and oters i love you by the way i am 10years old and i was wondering if you could on febuary the 20 2003 write a new book about the thing were the dogs drees up as other animals love you. i did not have room so.


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