PupStyle Pumpkins! DIY Dog Pumpkin Carving Project

Halloween is by far one our favorite holidays at  In my family we have a yearly tradition of carving pumpkins.  Every year I like to change it up so this year,  I was inspired by my Chiweenie Sophie!


I can’t resist her adorable face and hey why not put her face on a pumpkin? Here are the steps I took to create my Sophie Pumpkin!

Simply go to google and type in the breed of dog you have along with free pumpkin printable. For example I typed: weenie dog free pumpkin printable.

After looking into some different websites, I then found a printable weenie dog pumpkin carving that also came with directions!

I then followed the directions and wala! My Sophie pumpkin is complete!



Dara’s Summer Pet Dressing Tips

PupStylish flickr Pic of the Moment
photograph by :Soda Foto

How To Stay PupStylish and Safe Summer When Dressing Up Your Dog!

1. Look for plenty of room in the leg area so the sun dress or tank top does not restrict movement in any way.

2. For hot weather, only buy clothing made from light weight, breathable fabrics

3. If your dog is panting heavily, REMOVE the clothes IMMEDIATELY and spoil that baby with some water or frozen ice cubes made from chicken broth.

4. Be sure the clothing is not too tight so air can circulate

5. To cool your dog down (my secret tip..shhhh) wet your dogs shirt or dress in cold water then place in the freezer for an hour and then dress your dog. It will stay wet for a while keeping your dog cool while you play outside.


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