Tiny Guardian Orb Pet GPS Tracker Offers Big Protection and Style




PupStyle parents know that good things come in small packages and so do the designers of Guardian Orb.  Introducing the smallest pet GPS tracking device that offers both a home AND portable base stations for a 10 mile radius tracking with NO monthly fees.

What that means is, if you leave your house and want to keep your pet safe within a 10 mile radius of where you are, just take the base with you and you have constant tracking coverage. You can exhale while traveling knowing that you can locate your pet while in unfamiliar territory or on home turf.  PupStyle is lucky enough to be one of the first to learn about this dreamy device and get the scoop for pre-ordering. Guardian Orb is currently available on Indidigogo for only $219.00 and guaranteed to ship in July and there is NO MONTHLY FEE-EVER!

Guardian Orb Pet GPS Tracker

Guardian Orb is the first pet tracking device that offers advanced geo-location technology coupled with being the most reliable and cost-effective GPS tracker on the market. If you’ve researched pet GPS trackers you know that they usually come with monthly service fees in addition to hefty upfront expense for the hardware.

For $219 you get:

  • A tiny GPS tracker Orb so small a bunny could wear it
  • Guardian Home – this is the home base station that plugs into your router
  • Guardian Go – Portable unit with a 16 hour battery life. Small enough to fit in a purse!

It’s the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective GPS tracking solution ever created. Keep track of your pets in real-time, on ANY smartphone, tablet or desktop. Now, you can find a lost or stolen pet in seconds, or simply just check in at home when you can’t be there.

WATCH the video below to see how simple it is use.



You can even add on additional Orbs for your other pets so you can track all of them in one place from your phone or tablet. One additional Orb is $69 or you can buy a 2 pack for $129 to cover the whole pack.


Summer Security For The Pampered Pup

As summer approaches so do home break-in’s. Thankfully dogs generally make the best home alarm systems, but some breeds would rather be a diva and have their own personal security squad.


As a mom of kids with two legs and four security is constantly on my mind at all times and I started thinking about “who will protect my dog?” instead of expecting my 5 Lb Chihuahua to do the job. It dawned on me that home security systems are not only here to protect us and our personal property, but our pets too!


If you are a PupStyle reader, you most likely have a nice stash of dog fashion, expensive dog collars and leashes and insist on only the best for your fur-baby. There are several home alarm systems providers on the market and you can find out more on and all over the web. Some even have sophisticated equipment like motion sensors that can ignore your dog’s movement elimincating any nasty false alarms…EEEK!

Dogs will always do their best to protect us, but some times, they might need a little back-up protection themselves. Something to think about..hummmmt!!!


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