Pet Fashion Week 2008 Dog Fashion Trends Wrap up

Dara Foster wraps up the year in fashion at Pet Fashion Week New York. Dara closes out the year in VIP style – backstage after the runway show interviewing the nice folks from iDawg, chatting up the UrbanHound booth, getting down to the nitty gritty with Westminster’s David Frei and re-reading the prescription on BullyWare.

Chronolgical listing of designers featured:

  1. iDawg
  2. Urban Hund
  3. Angel on a Leash
  4. Bully Ware


Pet Fashion Week heads to Tokyo!

Super Fashion Fun Time Dog Party!
PupStyle is proud to be the online sponsor of The Tokyo Project with Pet Fashion Week NY and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Systems). On January 12th & 13th 2008 at the Tokyo Big Sight the first PFW Runway Shows and Buyer Receptions will be presented. A ‘cream of the crop’ selection of 10 designers will create unique demi-couture and avant garde runway collections for the shows. PupStyle will be offering a preview of the runway designers in the LookBook in the coming weeks. This show will be an incredible opportunity to get a glimpse of the $10B Japanese pet marketplace.


Holiday Trend #1 – Skull & Bones

Punk rock or Pirate – Bones are still hot!

Continuing from last year – Skull & Cross Bones symbols on clothing, bowls, leashes and toys are still holding strong. Rather than suffice with the standard “Jolly Roger” icon designers are starting to put their own spin on the design and embellish the icons whenever possible.

Chronolgical listing of designers featured:

  1. Bone Diggers
  2. Kwigy Bo
  3. Punk Rock Dogg
  4. Bully Ware
  5. Hip Doggie
  6. ChiWowWow
  7. Little Lily
  8. Chowtime Productions
  9. Fab Dog


Official Pet Fashion Week Runway Video

The Official Video wrap up of all of the designers and styles seen on the runway. Pet Fashion Week 2007’s runway was a completely different and new event. With a focus on specific designers and their newest lines. And the production value was raised to another level! Check out this years official runway recap video produced by the fine folks at Video Vampires. Keep an eye out for our own sunglasses-clad fashion editrix Dara Foster showing up in the video.


PupStyle.com’s media mavens Dara Foster & Flo on ABCNews

With the recent dog food scare people have been freaking out and rightfully so! ABCNews.com had a special segment of Q&A with a Dog Food expert and our own Dara Foster & Flo stepped up to the mike with their own question. “How can we find out our dog food’s country of origin?” The expert answered that while the food is manufactured in the US or Canada the raw ingredients came from toxic sources in China and there is no oversight on these ingredients. Oh-kay so it looks like it is back on the Pork Rinds & Slim Fast diet for you Flo. But did you notice the ABCNews host follows up Dara’s questions with “Luke really liked that video..” Wait a minute who’s Luke (the host or the dog)?!?! You decide… watch the video here * Shout out to Kathy in California for getting them to say “BARF diet” on-air repeatedly.



Hype Dog Music Video for Vitalic club banger

Avant Garde-dog. French techno meisters Vitalic have had the moody instrumental track “Birds” around for a few years but now it is getting a 2nd wind with an incredibly beautiful new video. This delicious bit of slow motion dog footage is courtesy of the video wunderkinds at Pleix in Paris, France. Clocking at over 4 minutes this video has drop dead gorgeous footage of a Bulldog, Papillion, Chinese Crested, Shitzu, a personable Pug, Poodle, Basset Hound all shown flying around in a laser disco wonderland. A must see for all you dog clockers out there.

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