Catchy Pop + IKEA props + well trained pups = LOVE

Internet video phenoms OK GO have yet another creative & inventive music video this time for their song “White Knuckles”. And this time rather than keeping all the wacky hijinks to themselves they have enlisted the help of a furry army of insanely well trained and beautifully coifed doggies. The vid consists of the OK GO guys coaxing their pup costars over, under and on-top-of all kinds of IKEA-sourced furnishings. Tip of the hat for the 411 to @RobDouglas. Check it out:


A Jorge dog makeover – from Funky to Spunky!

One of my favorite superstar groomers – Jorge Bendersky (the one and only “Jorge”) takes this little shelter pup Lhasa Apso “Spunky” from a matted mess to an honored guest! We love that he not only takes the time to give the dog a makeover but also stresses that you hug the dog throughout the process. I don’t know about you – but if my hairstylist hugged me and told me I was good – their tips would reflect that fact! Continue reading


Pedigree Dog Food TV ad slow-mo dog action shots

The web is crackling with controversy over the latest ad campaign from Pedigree! No – dogs weren’t harmed in the making of this video. Their ad agency TWBA in Toronto filmed two beautiful spots that showcase dogs at their best at super slo-mo 1000 frames per second. But to be honest this has been done before – by French Videographers Pleix as a music video for french techno artist Vitalic. Continue reading

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