Beantown Homemade featured on Etsy

Beantown Homemade is one of the many great pet fashion merchants that has made Etsy a “go-to” resource for awesome handmade dog fashions. Mascot/supermodel Bean has been a constant fave on the PupStyle Flickr Group. And Beantown Handmade’s designs have been featured on PupStyle in the past. Now the folks at Etsy have recognized Beantown Handmade as one of the reasons for their success and devoted a video feature to the designer.


Issac Mizrahi & Patricia Fields talk pet fashion in “Fashion Faux Paws” Video

From LStudio Productions comes this super cool video highlighting the ins and outs of the dog fashion world along with hilarious and insightful commentary from fashion demi-gods Patrcia Fields and Issac Mizrahi. Keep an eye out for a cameo appearance of Heidi Klum. Loads of dog fashion eye candy and great footage from Pet Fashion Weeks past. Enjoy!

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