PupStyle Red Carpet Pups Book

PupStyle Red Carpet Pups by Dara Foster Makes Great Summer Reading For Kids!

Looking for a summer distraction for the kids in your life?

As a follow up to the successful Now You See It! Pupstyle, and Now You See it! PupStyle: Trick or Treat, Dara Foster’s pups are back and dressed to impress in famous celebrity styles!

Flip the pages from the top corner to see stars in red-carpet outfits and flip the pages from the bottom to see adorable dogs in the same recognizable get-ups. From Lady Gaga’s crazy hats, Katy Perry’s neon hair, Justin Beiber’s purple shades, Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous gowns, and Zac Efron’s sharp suits, these dogs will garner even more attention than their celeb counterparts. Text will be simple and used to caption the images


                                            Now You See It! Pupstyle Red Carpet Pups





Kids are LOVING PupStyle Red Carpet Pups by Dara Foster!

I am always so grateful and honored when I get letters and e-mails from parents, teachers and children telling me how much they love my books. This came in the mail to me today from a reader of PupStyle Red Carpet Pups and I was so touched words can’t describe!

Thank you Isabel Martinez for putting a HUGE smile on my face! Yes, you can count on that autograph!





PupStyle Red Carpet Pups On Sale at Barnes & Noble and on-line!

Did you ever wonder what Justin Bieber would look like if he were a dog?

My third book published by Scholastic Books titled PupSyle Red Carpet Pups was just released this month and spotted yesterday on the shelves at Barnes & Noble in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan (my home state) and in the SoHo Scholastic Flag Ship store yesterday.

To place and order,  please check out Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble.com or at your local retailer.

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