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Pet Fashion Week ’07 Coverage

The web has been atwitter with buzz from Pet Fashion Week ’07. The Runway show coverage keeps on coming with the big boys (New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal online and others) showcasing their own coverage of this years PFW. Here is a wrap-up of the best coverage the web has to offer:


Gino the Dog by Gaia & Gino wins the PFW Lifestyle Innovation Award

As part of the Pet Fashion Week 2007 – the PFW Lifestyle Innovation Design Award was held with a focus on bedding. Competitors were selected from an enormous field of entrants and only six designs made the cut:
Animals Matter by designer Nancy Kilne-Avera
Coco Couture by designer Amber Schuks
Diamond Dogs UK, Ltd by designer Joanna Mahon
Gino the Dog by GAIA&GINO by designer Richie Tanaka
Retro Pup by designer Susan Dolbow
Sweet Pea, Biscuit and Jam by designer Carmen Slaven.

After a group of media judges carefully accessed the beds for their innovation of design, utility and beauty – Gino the Dog’s corner bed was crowned the winner. The Gino the Dog entry was unique in that it was designed specifically for use in a room corner and it also it was the only entry that offered the dog an enclosed space for added privacy. The exterior of the unit is a beautiful high-gloss white with an embossed intertwined vine pattern.

Other standouts in the competition were the entries from Retro Pup with a polka dot pooch pyramid bed (see photo below) and the entry from Sweet Pea, Biscuit and Jam with an other-worldly spaceship theme bed lined with black velvet lining and a cool hand-stitched alien chew/snuggle toy (see photo below).


Pet Fashion Week 2007

It’s a wrap! Pet Fashion Week 2007 went off without a hitch this year. As thousands of attendees were treated to the very best in dog luxury design and fashion. We were on the scene the whole weekend – searching through the trade show floor for the best of show, “quietly judging” the runway show through our sunglasses, having our minds blow by Sathit Suratphiphit’s incredible dog grooming talents and meeting tons of hot new designers, PupStyle fans, Maga-loggers and more. We got some incredible video footage from the runway show as well as some of the hype new products debuting at PFW. We also wanted to give a shout out to For the Dogs and Gino the Dog by Gaia & Gino for their generous assistance with our Runway display area. Be on the look out in the coming weeks as we start posting video highlights of this year’s show as well as adding runway photos to the LookBook. In the meantime check out Gotham Unleashed’s Pet Fashion Week photos from the Sunday afternoon runway show. This guy totally stole the show on both days rocking a dope coat from iDawg and somehow pulling off the pink wig with style (NOTE: I know I know we just eviscerated dog wigs last post but this dog took that Doggie Don’t and made it his own!). More photos, video, Do’s and Don’t from Pet Fashion Week 2007 coming soon! Sign up for the Update list – enter your email in the bottom of the navigation to the left – and you’ll be the first to know when we add more! (photo credit


NY Pet Fashion week August 19-20 2006

Upcoming NY Pet Fashion Week – the first dedicated Pet Fashion show. This August 19th-20th Chelsea is going to be host to some serious bitchy fashionista drama! No it’s not Pride week! It’s the first New York Pet Fashion Week! With designers & dogs from around the world coming together at the Metropolitan Pavillion (152 W18th NYC) to celebrate serious dog fashion. The two day event will take place with a Industry Symposium, Black Tie dinner benefitting NYC area dog charities as well as “not to be missed” Runway shows. The Runway shows will be only open to select Buyers and VIPs and will be comprised of an “Design Award” Show featuring Pet Fashion Design Award winners and an “Innovation” show featuring only cutting edge, avant-garde fashion for dogs and their human counterparts. The Pupstyle team will be front row and center for all of the action and bringing you the scoop on all the latest looks as well as who stole who’s seat ringside.


New York Pet Fashion Week(end)

The 1st Annual New York Pet Fashion Week. The Pupstyle Fashion Squad hit the Big Apple this past weekend (Aug 19-20) for the NY Pet Fashion Week. (somehow a two days works out to a week in dog years.) With our video squad in tow our hostess Dara Foster grabbed interviews with some of today’s hottest dog wear designers. We witnessed a full fledged runway show featuring exclusive designs from the top houses of canine fashion. Exclusive Pupstyle video episodes will be forthcoming with interviews, hot new products, sneak peaks of trends and plenty of doggie Don’ts!


Trends & Insight from 2006 NY Pet Fashion Week

Pupstyle’s Luxury Dog Fashion Expert Dara Foster recently was trend spotting at NY Pet Fashion Week and found some interesting luxury market trends to watch for in the coming seasons. Whether your taste for dog fashion belongs in the the “Dwell, modern & minimalist” camp or the “Precious Princess Baby” camp, you’ll find something creative and new from designers in the coming months.

Here’s a sneak peak into some of the trends you’ll be seeing on the streets and in the parks…

  • Expensive fragrances that are designed for both human and dog to share
  • Gun graphics are replacing the punk-inspired skull and cross bones images we’ve been seeing for the past year
  • Designers will offer a wider variety of clothes for boy dogs and more unisex design and color choices (pink’s stranglehold on doggie duds seems to be slipping!)
  • Metallic and Patent Leather carriers/handbags, leashes & collars
  • Minimalist, modern, organic feeling dog beds and feeders with strong Scandinavian influences(in an effort to appeal to the Dwell crowd)
  • Wider variety of dog footwear mimicking human fashion trends
  • The coordination trend will move beyond “Mommy & Me” sweater sets as outfits are designed to coordinate with new streetwear designs.
  • Silk screened T-shirts and “vintage”-style coats with Punk-inspired sewn on Patches
  • Multi stranded leashes

Keep an eye out for these trends and more to be profiled and featured in the upcoming Pupstyle video podcast.


Rufus the Bull Terrier wins Westminister Best in Show

In your face Bill Cosby! A five year old, male Bull Terrier named “Rufus” faced Bill Cosby’s co-owned Dandy Dinmont Terrier and schooled past champion “CoCo” (a Norfolk Terrier) to garner Best in Show honors at last night’s Westminster Dog Show. There was a big buzz around Cosby’s Dandy who was heavily favored going into the finals. In the end, the dog with more “bull” than bluff beat 2622 other entries to become the best dog in the world. Judges cited Rufus’ perfectly egg-shaped dome as the clinching trait that won him the title. Rufus is the first Bull Terrier to ever win “Best in Show” honors at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

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