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Adoptapalooza Sat June 4th Wash Sq Park NYC

It’s summertime again and that means it’s time for the 3rd annual Adoptapalooza in Washington Square Park in New York City. Come on down between 11am – 4pm with your adopting shoes on!

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals will once again be hosting this super fun and very popular event. Local shelters will be on hand with adoptable pups and kitties to pull at your heart strings and our very own Dara Foster will be Emceeing the whole sheebang! Bring your own pups down to the park and have them run an agility course, stick around for giveaways and raffles too!


Military Chic Dogs

A wave of interest in Military dogs cropped up recently with reports of ‘Cairo’ a Belgian Malinois who served bravely as a K9 member of Seal Team Six that took down Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Military Working Dogs (MWDs in military parlance) have been part of the US forces for over 100 years with dogs fighting alongside soldiers as far back as the Civil War and WWI. As of 2010 there are over 2900 dogs in active duty around the world – 190 of which are in service in Afganistan and Iraq as bomb-sniffing experts. It took a $19 Billion Pentagon study to realize that we could not build a better bomb sniffer than a dog’s nose. There are even elite sniffer dogs called “Vapor Wake Detectors” who can sense if the smell of explosive materials are moving through an area.

The Army's most decorated dog Stubby a pitbull terrier who captured a German Spy and saved hundreds of soldiers lives during WWII

For these fearless pups there is plenty of cool new gear to help them do their jobs. The Aerial Insertion Vest from K9 Storm is a functional coat that not only harnesses the dog to a parachute but can also administer oxygen for HALO (high altitude low opening) jumps. The rugged coat exterior also serves to protect the dog from ground impact, knife attacks and more.
Mike Forsythe and his working dog Cara made a record HALO drop from over 30,000 feet

On the ground MWDs are outfitted with the super-duper hightech K9 Storm Intruder vest. This totally waterproof coat comes with a night vision camera, flood lights, rappelling lines and a 4 channel transmitter/receiver. Unfortunately K9 Storm does not yet offer the Intruder vest in toy breed sizes but we can dream!
K9 Storm Intruder Vest keeps working dogs connected and safe while working behind enemy lines.

Dogs have proven to be incredible assets to the military for non-combat situations as well. When soldiers return from active combat having a dog on base offers a much needed break and gives them unreserved love that works miracles for morale (in-your-face Bob Hope!). Sargent 1st Class Zack serves as the ultimate morale booster for soldiers who are deployed and in need of a moment of respite.
MWD 1st Class gives his handler a much needed lick of motivation.


Three Adoptable pups get Styled in the NY Post

Sunday May 1st 2011 New York, NY – If you happened to leaf through the Sunday paper this weekend you might have seen the Glamour GRRRRRLs story in the NY Post. Dara Foster and the PupStyle Glam Squad invaded the Animal Haven Shelter in downtown Manhattan with one thing on their mind: Pet Fashion with a Purpose! Three lovely doggies were given a full PupStyle makeover in hopes of getting them spiffed up and ready to adopt!

Mallory, a one year old Shih-Tzu/Poodle was badly in need of a cleaning, grooming and styling. Jorge Bendersky worked his grooming magic taking this grey, matted and messy pup and spritzing, trimming and blow-drying her to be the perky, pretty puppy she can be. Dara then pulled out the big guns and dressed her up in a beautiful spring-time reversible raincoat and a lovely yellow collar from Poetic Paws.

Myrtle, one of the Chihuahua puppies was a bit scared to start. But after a quick grooming and a few outfit changes Myrtle got her groove back and was prancing around the room showing off how her dress and wig complemented her coat and style.

Heart, an eight month old pit bull cutie was full of energy and love. She looked amazing in her matching tutu and flower embellished collar and leash set.

For information on adopting these and other dogs please visit


You can read the full article online here:
Glamour GRRRRRLs on the


Fashion for Paws – Washington, DC 2011

Washington, DC – Saturday night April 9th 2011 in the soaring halls of the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Dara Foster and Team PupStyle attended the Fashion for Paws party and fashion show. The event succeeded in raising over $520,000.00 for the Washington Humane Society.

Dara Foster heading out on the runway with Emmett and MeiMei at Fashion for Paws
Dara Foster with Emmett and MeiMei walk the runway at Fashion for Paws in Washington DC
The floor of the huge main hall in National Building Museum pulsates with energy before the Fashion for Paws runway show.
Ex-Housewife of DC Paul Wharton walked the runway at Fashion for Paws
Dara Foster gives yet another interview backstage with doggies in hand!

14th Annual Macy’s Petacular New York City

This past weekend Macy’s held their 14th annual Spring/Easter Petacular at their flagship store in Herald Square New York City. The costumed contestants ranged from a Hamster to a Parrot and over 100 dogs and cats.
The PupStyle crew was in full force with Emmet and MeiMei decked out in beautiful flower costumes (a last-minute late-night DIY project by PupStyle editor Carlene Mahanna). Their outfits were so awesome that the NY Daily News snapped their pics and declared their style on par with Lady Gaga. (High praise indeed!)

Super celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky’s doggie Tito was in FULL effect and loving it!

A brilliant and super simple idea garnered this pup a place on the costume contest podium!


$1.5 Million dollar Mastiff Puppy

Tibetan Mastiff puppy ‘Hong Dong’ (no relation to Long Duck) was recently purchased by a Chinese coal magnate for a whopping 10 million yuan (about $1.5 million USD). We got word of this prodigious puppy purchase from our new buddies down-under at Poochmag.

This mega-gigantic fluff-ball is only 11 months old and already 3 feet tall at the shoulder and over 180 pounds. Wowzers! The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the world’s oldest and rarest breeds – said to have been kept by Genghis Khan and Lord Budhha.

China’s “new rich” have fallen in love with these living, breathing & slobbering status symbols and helped push the prices for purebred puppies into the millions. The previous “most expensive dog” title holder was another Tibetan Mastiff named Yangtze River Number Two purchased for a paltry $500,000 USD in 2009. To make up for the embarrassingly low price tag the owner picked up Yangtze River Number Two in a 30 car motorcade when he was driven home (sigh – 50 cars would have been nicer but 30 will do….)

Hong Dong will have a busy schedule ahead of him with breeders paying upwards of $16,000 USD for a “date with the Donger”.

In unrelated news Max-a-million the “Bionic Dog” is crestfallen after his title as “the million dollar dog” has been made irrelevant.


Dara Foster brings some PupStyle to Nate Berkus today!

From adorable dog collars to free standing feeders, check out the hottest trends in doggie design. Dara Foster and Parker took some time out of their busy schedules to stop by the Nate Berkus show with some cute and stylish adoptable doggies from the
The Humane Society of New York City at

The Pet Design with Dara Foster episode will be airing today at 3pm on NBC 4 in the New York tri-state area. Check your local listings for time here.

The PupStyle crew shows Nate Berkus what is hot in pet design!

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