Turkey drum stick & Trout chew-toys by Stephen Huneck

Stephen Huneck is a Vermont-based artist with worldwide fans for his whimiscal dog art paintings and sculptures. Huneck is also known for founding the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Stephen has recently expanded his artistic acumen to include chewable art for dogs! If your dog is prone to hijacking the holiday turkey from the counter, try keeping him busy with a cool Stephen Huneck Turkey drum stick or Rainbow Trout toy. Both items are common props in Huneck’s paintings and stay true to the original styling. The drum stick has a little hole for stuffing treats (like a Wagatha’s dog treat for a completely Vermont-y treat experience) for hours of entertainment and The Trout is actually a water toy which is perfect for west coast dogs who want to swim off their post turkey dinner pudge. Both toys are available directly from Huneck’s site and cost $14.95.


Antique style dog toys from Red Rover

As if pulled from the pages of a 1950’s children’s book these super-fresh 100% latex toys will give you second thoughts about letting your dog chew on them. With an unbelievable attention to detail and subtle coloring these finely crafted toys might end up in a display case rather than bowser’s boudoir. With the latest fashion trends heading towards antique authenticity and “old timey” styles these adorable dolls are on point and ahead of the curve. The toys are made from completely non-toxic latex (no lead!) and the folks at Red Rover even had the toys tested independently for toxins just to be certain of the safety of their clients. The toys range in height from the diminutive 4″ Baby Bunny all the way up to the Gargantuan 12″ Goose with prices from $9.00 – $25.00. The entire line of Frogs, Bunnies, Geese, Ducks and Storks are available to purchase online directly from the designer.


Bone and ball toys from Planet Dog with a recycled past

What first grabbed our attention was the sleek shiny black exterior which deviates from the bright primary color norm of dog toys – as well as the seemingly ubiquitous three arrow recycling icon. Then upon further inspection we realized that the recycling icon does not serve as mere window dressing. Portland, Maine based Planet Dog has a solid track record of making some of the cutest dog toys around. And with making all of these toys out of their signature Orbee-Tuff® – there is bound to be some extra scraps and 2nds. Planet Dog “regrinds” these remnant Orbee-Tuff scraps into these 100% recycled eco-toys! The RecycleBone and Recycle Ball are available for $12.00 a piece.


Stylin’ stuffable dog chews from Planet Dog

Fruits n Veggies stuffed with treats n squeeks. Sick of getting the puppy pant and drool every time you bust out your fruits and vegetables? Toss him one that he can chomp on for hours on end. One of our favorite utilitarian toy brands Planet Dog has been hipped to the idea that dog owners actually want dog toys that look cool(shocker!). Kongs – while effective when stuffed with treats – look like a Hello Kitty version of a giant red poo. Toss out that ugly Kong once and for all and stuff a rubber eggplant, asparagas or strawberry instead. You’ll be glad you did! Available for $9.95 at Planet Dog


Zen themed dog toys from Bodhi Toys

The sound of one tail wagging. Does you hyperactive hound have an ill chi? Well your need to turn that around and get your doggy to a state of chi-ill. And zenned-up doggy toy makers Bodhi have just what the Guru ordered. Their latest line Bodhi India draws inspiration from West Indian Tribal embroidery incorporating beautiful and colorful designs into the oft forgotten world of dog toys. The line includes a squeakerless Shanti Stick for silent introspective play, as well as Henna tattoo design inspired Mendhi Balls. But our favorite would have to be the Om Ball which when bounced plays the Om Mantra [click to listen] (sung by Kirtan Master Bhagavan Das). Even when it is not inspiring mutt meditation – it is a fetching addition to any decor with it’s colorful traditional West Indian patterns.


Quick-draw Treat Gunner from Frolick SnackShotz

There’s a new Treat Slinger in town. Now your 3.2 lbs of Pup fury can be a true gun dog! And no need for mucking through yucky swamps or dodging vice-presidential pot-shots! This Frolick SnackShotz Treat Gun shoots disc shaped doggie treats up to 12 feet for days of mindless fun for the couch potato owner and treat motivated canine. Give your trigger finger a full workout while rewarding your pooch with chicken, beef or minty Disco biscuits that’ll help clean their teeth and freshen that breath. This Wafer Weapon only works with their Discos brand treat bullets (though you could try jamming in some Alka-seltzer!). The Treat Launcher will cost you $21.00 and a bag of Discos refills will run you $3.99 a bag. Please show some restraint and avoid the temptation to nail the cat with this.


Organic cotton Louis Dog squeaky toy

For your Green-conscience Dog – Don’t Panic It’s Organic! Organic cotton is not just reserved for hacky sacks in the parking lot at a Phish show, Louis Dog has introduced a whole product line of dog toys made from 100% organic cotton. It’s the must have plush toy for the chemically sensitive pup. This Organic Chewing Carrot is constructed out of cotton grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and is topped off with faux leather greenery so your quadra-ped friend won’t have to touch any nasty animal byproducts. Note, there is a squeaker inside, so be careful to remove it before there is any chance of choking.


Super cute FETCH ball from Planet Dog

Planet Dog a Portland, Maine based company not only makes Pupstyle worthy dog toys, but also gives a portion of their profits to dog charities. One thing we always look for in a dog product is a design style that is equally pleasing to my peeps as it is to my dawgs. This Orbee-Turff ball clocks in at a 5 out of 5 on the Chewometer scale. Plus it is decked out in this season’s hottest color, lime green. It gracefully covers the bases of “ball-hood” in that it is durable, bouncy and even mint scented to ward off toxic dog breath. $9.95

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