Dara Foster’s Top 5 Trends From Global Pet Expo 2013

Global Pet Expo is the largest pet product trade show in the country! It’s that time of year again when I spend countless hours sifting through pet products like a sugar junkie in a candy store. The market is rapidly expanding as we weave pets into our every day lifestyle just like two legged children.

I’ve put my trend spotty glasses on, and narrowed it down to 5 key trends to watch you should watch out for in 2013-14.

Top 5  Pet Product Trends From Global Pet Expo 2013

1. Upcycling-Taking recycled products or vintage materials and turning them into something completely new and unique. We found everything from upcycled dog bowls to dog sweaters. Let your “green” imagination go wild and be creative!

2. Prints-Prints, prints, prints and more graphic prints are taking center stage in the pet market especially in the pet home interior space. We spotted amazing prints on everything from dog beds to treat jars. Add a bold a printed bed or treat jar for added color and texture to your home.

Nicole Miller Pet Printed Food & Treat Jars

3. Green Planet-Designers are experimenting with innovative materials like rice starch to make beautiful eco friendly pet bowls to pet poo-pick up bags that are biodegradable with out any sunlight!

Dog bowls with a handle made from rice starch

4. Silk Screen Toys-Slik screen photo realistic pictures are showing up on plus toys in all sizes and themes. Your pooch play with a New York taxi cab or chew on Snoop Dog (sorry Snoop) like a steak bone.

5. Giving Back-A vast amount of pet product designers and premium pet food companies are making “giving back” to small and local animal rescue groups a priority in their business models. It’s a new movement away from the usual national pet charities most folks know about.


Durable and Beautiful Pet Toys-Holiday Gift Idea

If your going to buy a dog toy for holiday this year that will actually last beyond 2 days, check out the new Garden Fresh collection by P.L.A.Y.
Our rugged toy tester “Flo” the Jack Russell Terrier who can rip apart a toy in seconds has been carrying around her pea pod toy for over a month and it’s still completely intact. A MAJOR MIRACLE. You can buy a box of Fresh veggie toys or each individual. I can personally give this my stamp of approval which is not easy to get. $39

Durable and PupStylish dog toys

Election 2012 Candidate Dog Chew Toys

If are ready to scream at the TV every time you see ANOTHER political ad, why not let your dog take out your  frustrations on a plush presidential candidate dog chew toy?

Offered up for $18 by the designer discount web site, these hysterical plush dog toys will let your dog rip apart your opposing candidate body parts without being arrested.  All in good fun! Remember to throw away the stuffing as soon as it starts to fall out so it’s not a choking hazard.


Canines for Veterans! Harry Barker Gives Back ❤

Harry Barker is proud to support Canines for Veterans, a ‘triple win’national program.


First, Canines for Veterans saves dogs’ lives, rescuing them from shelters. Next, they teach military inmates how to train the dogs to serve wounded veterans.

This gives the inmates a purpose and helps rehabilitate them.

Finally, the trained dogs are paired with wounded veterans, assisting them with everyday tasks and enriching their lives.

Harry Barker contributes a portion of the proceeds of three specially designed products to Canines for Veterans. Please join us in saluting the folks at Harry Barker! Check out the awesome fun products that will help keep this program alive!





The Biters – a dog toy meant to be destroyed

Designer Meirav Barzilay has come up with a fantastic chew toy concept! A dog toy that is filled with strips of cloth for easy clean up plus treats and a squeaky toy. The Biters keep it clean by sidestepping the usual stuffing that litters your house once your pooch chews their way into the toy. Each of the Biters toys are an original character design by Barzillay and are pretty cool on their own. But once your pup gets to chewing that is when the fun really begins! Inside of each Biter is a cartoonish squeaky toy shaped like an bodily organ as well as a tasty treat. So now you can feel free to indulge your dog’s natural instinct to pull apart their toys and see what is inside. The Biters are available directly from the designer and they are also available in a few shops in Europe.


Canines For Veterans Gift Bucket

This is a gift that gives back to those who keep us safe in a great way! With each purchase Harry Barker supports Canines for Veterans, a national program that pairs shelter dogs with military inmates who learn how to train the dogs to serve as guide-dogs for wounded veterans. The program has many benefits as it gives inmates a purpose and helps rehabilitate them. Once the dogs are trained, they are placed with a wounded veteran to assist them in every day tasks.

The Canines for Veterans Gift Bucket includes: HB Good Dog Gift Bucket, Red Good Dog Bone Toy, Navy Blue Cotton Rope Tug & Toss Toy, Red Hand Knotted Fish Rope Toy, and Three HB Crest Tennis Balls. You can even get the bucket personalized with your dog’s name! The Gift buckets come in two sizes – small and large – and are sure to brighten your dog’s day and donate to a great charity at the same time.

harry barker
Brand New! 20% off Harry Barker Pooch Kit at! A Portion of Proceeds Helps Support Canines for Veterans.


Retro-inspired Reindeer and Santa dog toys

These toys are stylish, fun and are made from eco-fill a 100% certified recycled fill made from plastic water bottles. Inside the toy there is a two-way squeaker – for twice the frenzy-inducing squeak-mania! The toys are made from a substantial canvas material printed with safe dyes and have a faux fur backing. Santa and the Reindeer are available in 2 sizes 7″ & 11″.


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