The New Etsy Market Place for Dog Products Only

Watch out, a new market place just for small businesspeople and craftspeople who make products for dogs and dog lovers has arrived.

Introducing Hound & Co, a recently launched website where pet product designers can open their own store for free inside a market place dedicated to selling all things hound. Think but just for dog product crafters and designers. Sellers can easily upload photos and open up a shop and start selling within minutes.Similar to, they charge a fee but only 4% when your item sells and do not charge a fee for posting items which does.Hound & Co also gets bonus points for donating a portion of all sales to rescue organizations and building a platform where rescue groups can sign-up and post pics of adoptable pets for free. If you have a rescue organization this is just one more free area to get the word out in a space already attracting dog lovers.

Check them out!


Dara Foster’s 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Did you know that 63% of American house holds have pets? Dog gifts this holiday season are all about personalization, customization and keeping them safe and healthy.


From human-grade dog food tailored for your specific dog delivered right to your door, to dog DNA test kits that not only give you the fluffy breed reveal, but teach you about potential genetic diseases for your dog. It’s all about caring for your dog as an unique individual not just as generic breed or dog.

Check out my latest TV appearance on the Morning Blend and holiday gift pet gift ideas below. Happy shopping PupStylers!












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Pupstylish People and Pets that Made 2012 a Stellar Year!

As 2012 comes to a close we would like to reflect on those people and pets that in our opinion made it a stellar year!

Rock and Rawhide

To date this charitable organization has raised $371,765.85. In the aftermath of Sandy they were everywhere collecting food and donations to distribute to those pets in need. Rock & Rawhide aims to increase adoptions and quality of life for dogs and cats in shelters, by providing distraction therapy and noise/stress reduction through the donations of toys, tough chew items, Kongs, Nylabones, bones, rawhides, blankets and more. If a dog is chewing, it’s not barking! If a cat is playing, it’s not meowing! Less noise = less stress. In turn, dogs and cats can pass their evaluations at shelters, and show more of their personality, making them more adoptable.

We heart you Rock and Rawhide! Keep on Rockin’ in 2013!

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2012 was also the year of the canine in advertising and pop culture!
The New Zealand SPCA, Mini, and DraftFCB were all  part of a campaign, that saw dogs learning to drive specially rigged cars. The tagline? Dogs this smart deserve a good home! Brilliant!!!!
Dog Shaming went viral with funny pics of pups behaving badly and being called out for it!
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