Wag Wear Dog Food Placemat – now 100% Cheese-Free!

Chic Chow Spot. It took a lot digging around for us to find a place mat that didn’t have tacky little dog bones or the words “woof” painted on it, but we finally found it. The folks at Wag Wear designed a sophisticated and modern canvas place mat to catch all the drops and spills from your hungry muncher while allowing enough space to fully accommodate two 7″ bowls. It is available in 6 colors to choose from $32.


Mick Jagger mauls and kills local sheep in Ibiza

Sick Mick goes on a bloodthirsty rampage on the Balearic Islands. Being cooped up in a luxury party destination, such as the coastal Spanish island of Ibiza can drive you to kill in cold blood. And that is exactly what happened when Jade Jagger left her rustic farm villa to go out to the island’s famous club scene, and left Mick at the house unattended. Later that night Mick snuck out under the cover of darkness to the neighboring farm lands, cornered and then killed two sheep with his bare teeth. Jade settled with the farmers over their loss and promised to keep Mick chained up for the remainder of her visit. Her father, the dog’s namesake, was unavailable for comment.


NYC Rapper DMX’s street tough dog wear line

Get at me dog. Boomer 129 named after hardcore rapper DMX’s late pitbull Boomer (who he commemorated permanently on his back) is a new”exclusive urban dogwear” line replete with leather bomber jackets, bubble down coats, throwback jerseys and more for that street hardened dog in your hood. The only problem is the lingering 13 counts of animal cruelty against Mr. DMX. and with his recent drug addled attempted car-jacking at New York’s JFK airport. All this adds up to an uphill battle for Boomer 129 and the rightful question posed by it’s spokesperson “Where ARE my dogs at?”


Trish Hampton Gros Grain Ribbon Collars bring Preppy back!

Gros me Out! Totally awesome grosgrain! Take standard Preppy and spice it up with a touch of late 80’s Valley Girl et voila! You have Trish Hampton the latest and greatest in the fashion for both dog and human. With hundreds of cute and colorful patterns to choose from, you have your work cut out for you in selecting just one pattern. But once you do, you can get matching collar, leash and ribbon belts sets and be the Queen of the Cul-de-Sac for your morning walkies!


Neuticles – dog testicle replacements

Go Nuts for Faux-nuts! If your neutered male has lost his get-up-and-go; certainly you should know about Neuticles.com the world’s first cosmetic testical replacement. Now that alone should be enough, but there is even more! The creator of Neuticals just came out with a book GoinggoingNuts!, which in light of his invention seems to make sense. But the crazy twist is the book is mainly focused on the battles of the author’s father with Alzheimers. le sigh….


Kate Spade Spayed her dog line!

Don’t call that Spade a Spayed! In response to outrage fostered by the postings on this site, Kate Spade has finally come around and is now offering a fine bag for toting toto. Known for her simple style and grace, Kate teams up with cartoonist Maira Kalman to create this simple yet sassy canvas dog carrier (no longer available – bitch!).

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