Dog Stair Lift- Will We Ever See the Stair Of The Dog 2022?

“Hey dog you need a lift?  Thats exactly what your pooch will be doing by taking a lift in the worlds first prototype of a  dog stairlift.

Not only will this take the place of having to carry your FAT heavy, tired dog up and down the stairs, but this will help conserve energy of elderly dogs and dogs with physical disabilities.  In fact, this product would also be great for seniors who have trouble getting rover up and down the stairs. But will this ever come to market? Hummmm…we are waiting.

Hows it work?

This doggy stairlift is activated by your dogs paw once the dog is sitting on the electronic platform. The price of this “Stair of the Dog 2022” is $8,000. This is such a unique invention for dogs, yes but maybe the stairlifts should just be used for the elderly. I mean whats next life alert for dogs? Hmm well I guess anything is possible.


Step Aside Nanny Cam-Move Over For Petcube!

Do you ever wonder what your dog is doing when you are at work? Is your new puppy eating the sofa? Is your dog sick but you can’t stay home? Perhaps your cat is quietly plotting world domination behind your back and you want to catch him in the action.

Introducing Petcube, a new home tech gadget that allows you to watch, talk and play laser games through a mobile app on your smartphone any time any where–literally!

It’s also extremely sleek and STYLISH with it’s cool aluminum and glass look BUT you can also personalize with a variety of custom skins to cover the cube. The Petcube becomes a stylish home furnishing accessory all the while keeping you connected to your pet.

Petcube was funded with Kickstarter and became the most successful crowd funded pet product in history!  Very impressive!  It also has a fun community aspect built into the mobile application that allows you to share pics and videos with friends among many other features.

Early adaptors can pre-order now and product will begin shipping in May. It’s a great price for the Style, functionality, technology $179.


Wobble Ball Dog Toy by P.L.A.Y.

I really can’t resist an aesthetically cool, modern and functional dog toy…it’s like a little piece of functional art for fido.









P.L.A.Y.  well known for their luxury line of very PupStylish dog beds and rolled out the Wobble Ball Dog Toy which is made from durable Polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic.









You simply drop in a dog treat, put your feet up and giggle while your fur baby has a grand time burning off energy trying to reach the treat!  $17.90




FitBark-World’s Tiniest Wireless Dog Activity Tracker With Style!

A few weeks ago, I was invited  to the FitBark offices in NYC for a personal demo of a new high-tech pet gadget that really impressed me on many levels. If you’re a regular PupStyle reader, you now we are highly selective and snobby and this earned an A+ rating from me.


Tech products can be complicated , often HEAVY and UGLY but FitBark seems to understand what consumers and dog owner want! They married, technology  and style that allows you to track your dogs daily activity remotely via a cell phone app while keeping this device feather light-weight, intuitive and easy to attach to the dogs collar (holy REFRESHING)! They offer 5 colors and will no doubt be adding more options to in the future.



This is an awesome device if you have a new puppy and wonder “is this dog running in circles in the kitchen all day or a lump of flesh lounging on the couch?”.  I really thought it could be a life saver for aging dogs because you can monitor exactly what time of day your dog is active and when it’s not.

It’s a great piece of mind if you have a sick dog you have to leave at home. You can constantly check in to see how she’s doing. It’s also a great way track your own activity and distance when you go walking with your pup. It’s a fitness gadget you can share with your dog!

You can Pre-Order  FitBark at a discount starting at 10 AM tomorrow throughKickStarter. Dog parents…jump on it!



Barking In The Rain-Umbrellas With Dogs by Fuzzy Nation

If you’ve been jumping over mud puddles and dodging rain drops this summer, you can still show your dog pride with Fuzzy Nation’s collection of silk screened umbrellas with some of our favorite breeds.

They server up a platter of cuteness offering their Umbrellas with a French Bulldog, Bichon, Yorki, English Bulldog, Chihuahua and American’s #1 favorite family pet, the Golden Retriever!

On sale for $18 and will ship in 4 days!




Fuzzy Nation Silk Screened Dog Umbrellas



Design Junkie Alert! Expandable Travel Dog Bowl

Bowldog had created a VERY stylish, wicked affordable and intelligent dog travel water or food bowl. Retail price xsonly $6.50!shop/c1yvb

In a nut shell, it’s similar to a Ziplock bag but that when you open it up it’s the shape of a dog bowl then folds up back up when not in use. It’s so light weight you can easily take it on regular walks with you by attaching a hook to a hole designed into the product and also stuff it in your car’s glove box.

I’ve personally tested them out and am obsessed and have not had any issues with leakage or breaking. They hold a lot of water and are great for big and small dogs.

We also love the ULTRA mod prints and graphic designs on the bowl. I got the inside scoop and sneak peek of a new collection being released soon that will send other design junkies flipping out. Really an ideal combo of design and function. BRAVO bowldog! Retail price only $6.50.


Urban Cycling With Your Best Friend!

Another trend spotted at SuperZoo? Cycling with your best friend! We got an EXCLUSIVE look at Sidekick by Sleepypod.

We are BIG fans of Sleepypod and could not survive airline travel without our Sleepypod ATOM.

The Atom!

So we were really excited to see the Sidekick.   Sidekick is designed as a stable frame to hold a Sleepypod pet carrier with your pet inside. The front loading bike rack uses the center of gravity right above the front tire for maximum stability rather than the handlebars that can sway and therefore be unstable.

The Sidekick will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled for the launch!

The Sidekick!

If you have multiples or if  your pet is a tad too big to ride in an Atom  AND  you are a fan of relentless Italian Design the Petego Comfort Wagon is for you.

Smartly designed suspension, with a marked emphasis on safety, this wagon will open up a whole new world of activities for you and your pets!

The Pet Ego Comfort Wagon

Safety first!  Especially when you have precious cargo onboard. Whether you’re taking a trip down the block or headed toward a faraway place, your riding companion is sure to appreciate a custom made helmet from Rock Star Puppy.

You can choose from a wide selection of airbrush designs OR create one of your own!  Our favorite? The BadAss Mohawk helmet!

Give 'em a Mohawk!

And when you are out and about don’t forget to HYDRATE! The Troff  Pouch Hydration bottle was one of the smartest products we saw at Superzoo! Troff is  State of the Art Hydration for Dogs. The twist off top, non-spill valve, and fold to go anywhere approach creates a ‘no excuse’ policy for maintaining proper hydration and preventing dehydration. AND it’s eco friendly! The Tröff™ pouch reduces landfill waste by over 90% compared to water bottles of the same volume. It is reusable until damaged.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!
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