Celeb-chef Rachael Ray and others storm the pet food aisle!

My Dog Food is more famous than yours…
Not only are dog dressing like us, but they are eating like us too. Celebrity chefs have been serving up delightful dishes for humans and now they are changing their focus to include the four-legged set. American’s favorite morning TV host and celeb-chef, Rachael Ray has expanded her empire into the pet industry. She recently launched a great new line of healthy dog food called “Rachael Ray Nutrish” made with all natural ingredients and zero fillers. Nutrish is available at most grocery stores nationwide.

Also, getting in on the PupChef game is Norman Levitz a professional chef & culinary educator from famed cooking school Johnson & Wales. Levitz and his business partner Neil Reilly teamed up to create Wagatha’s – Extraordinary Biscuits for Dogs. Vermont-based Wagatha’s is dedicated to making only 100% organically certified treats (100% organic is no easy feat!) which are not only healthy but tasty too. Another added bonus for your Mishpucha dogpack is that the treats are Kosher! Wagatha’s are available online as well as select retailers nationwide.

At the other end of the spectrum there are some less than stellar celebrity endorsed foods that don’t quite cut the mustard. Eight is Enough actor Dick van Patten’s Chinese-takeout for dogs was recalled due to botulism and then eviscerated as a Doggie Don’t previously on PupStyle. Celebrity Chef hasn’t-been Rocco DeSpirito helped launched an alluringly titled (eg.”Yellowfin Tuna Florentine with Garden Greens”) yet poorly constructed (choline chloride, artificial flavors & meat-by-products – Yum!) line of Elegant Medley cat food from Fancy Feast.

Online illustrator 14 got in on the act creating a gallery of imagined celeb-chef dog foods from the likes of Mario Batali, Paula Deen and others.

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