Stylish and cute doggie themed wrapping paper from Whimsy Press

With the fast approach of Spring Puppy Season, we’ve got the perfect accoutrement for gracious gift giving. And no the “…but Dogs can’t open wrapping paper!” argument does not apply here. Whimsy Press has created 4 insanely beautiful wrapping paper lines specifically for dogs.

Whimsy Press offers breed specific papers for:
Weiner dogs
and a catch-all Mutt edition.

If you’re going to give a super-fresh designer sweater or killer leather collar & leash set – why show up with it in a paper bag? Go for the “Golden Friend Award” with some of their wrapping techniques – and totally bust out a gift to be remembered.


Dog party invitation cards from Higher Hound

You’ve got Pee-mail! Has your “only child” lost interest in smelling the same old yard? Well you need to mix it up a bit; and a puppy party is the answer! Your pooch will thrill to the cavalcade of new and unique essences wafting about their spot. offers these funny “Be My Play Date Invitations” for you to pass out to your doggie buddies so they call all come over and take turns passing out their own form of “calling cards”. Set of 8 invitations and envelopes will set you back $14.

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