Get Down with the Beat Box Hound

Swedish telephone giant Tele2 launches Beat Box Basset Hound on confused public.
Ok we don’t really understand what this is about or why this is supposed to get you to buy their cell phones – but it is pretty hilarious and fun to play with. The Beat Box Basset lets you control the beats, scratches, woofs and more of this head-noddin’ Hound.

For those who can’t read Swedish all you need to know is click “start” and then you can hit the keys A-K on your keyboard’s middle row to make the different sounds. If you want you can even record a session of various beat boxing combos by hitting SPACE and going nuts with your Beat Box solo while the bottom-most red bar travels from left to right. From the best we can figure you can playback your Solo performance by clicking “Spela Upp Din BeatBox” or email your performance using the form and hitting “Skicka” or get back to the live beatboxing action by clicking “Borja Om och gor en Ny Beatbox”.

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Brooklyn Pillow Maestro Ross Meneuz’s Fauna line of stuffed dogs

Having been the toast of the blogger interior design scene for the past few years the folks behind Salvor Fauna have been unearthing some excellent vintage animal photos for custom pillows. After ushering in the wilderness creatures design trend this year Salvor are finally giving dogs their due with a smoking line up of pooches. Now you can choose from a pack of pillowed canine couch compatriots: Jack Russell, Chow, Spaniel, Boston Terrier & Dachshund. Prices range between $28-$48 depending on size and are available thru


Take the Eco-trend to the extreme – grow your own Topiary dogs!

When you calculate out your dog’s carbon paw print (est. per dog at 5.34 tons of Carbon per year) it can be pretty disheartening. Well why not lighten your environmental load by planting a pack of petalled pooches! And this is no half-stepping Chia Puppy. These are lifesize Topiary garden sculptures available in a panopoly of breeds (jack russell, chihuahua, pug, bulldog, King Charles Spaniel, German Shepard, etc. etc.) Just make sure you watch out for a little extracuricular “fertiziling” while you are not looking.


Paris’s Atypyk collects dog droppings direct from the streets of Paris

Ohh la la – Le shit de Paris! w York and Paris regularly battle over which is considered the most fashionable city on the planet. While the competition continues over the most chic municipality, Paris is far and away the champion in one cherished category – “Most Dog Shit”. Along with the trappings of being the World’s Canine Crapital comes an air of exclusivity and caché. Parisian art/design shop ATYPYK decided to “crapitalize” on this abundant natural resource strewn on the streets of Paris. Initially started as a fictional art project complete with a robot army to harvest this “Lucky Dog Shit” from the streets – the Shit from Paris site has received multiple requests for purchase. The interest has grown to such a degree that you can now become a member of the SfP Fan Club (complete with PDF membership card). And coming soon you will be able to purchase the Lucky Dog Shit From Paris as well as assorted merchandise.


Decorative dog paper from US-based family paper press French Paper

Technicolor dog breeds abound on this retro patchwork of Dog Breeds decorative paper from French Paper. Turns the lowliest doggy gift into an event to remember. And even if you don’t have a gift to give – just tack this up on the wall and wha-bam instant dope wallpaper! French Paper has been a US based “family affair” for five generations – a rare occurrence in the heavily outsourced paper trade.


Ben the Illustrator delivers a PupStylin’ SpeakerDog puppy toy

Fire up your printers and get ready to whelp a ream-load of puppies. If you’ve got the paper & ink – we’ve got a custom designed PupStyle SpeakerDog ready for you to download, print, cut, fold and glue. You’ll be listing “Genuine InkJet Sired Teacup Puppies” on Craigslist in no time.

What’s a SpeakerDog you might ask? For the past few years Ben the Illustrator has been perfecting his boxy barking muse – the Speakerdog. Showing up in paintings and illustrations as well as tshirts and other mediums the Speakerdog kept growing in popularity. Then in 2006 Ben was approached by reknowned paper toy artist Sjors Trimbach and the 3D paper “cut & keep” SpeakerDog was born!

Since then the Speakerdog has spread far and wide within the graphic design & grafitti communities. And the results are over 80 custom designed SpeakerDogs by a who’s who of International artists and designers.

Ben’s homebase is in the lovely British countryside with his wife Fi and their surrogate Golden Retriever – RockSteddie. What does the future hold for Ben and the SpeakerDogs? In October there will be a 4th Series of SpeakerDog designs released into the wild.

Ben has very generously designed up a special PupStyle SpeakerDog for you to build and play with.

1.Click here to download the printable PDF filePDF icon
2. Print it on 2 pieces of standard A4 (US letter 8.5×11) paper
3. Get your scissors, cut out the Dog.
4. Fold on the dotted lines.
5. Glue the white tabs together tuck the speech bubble into the front flap of the top piece.
6. Sit SpeakerDog on your desk & have fun!


Plastic boxy dog lamp with light up skeleton from Angry Design

Coming from the Dublin, Ireland based design studio/shop – the Skeleton Dog Lamp is a nice modern design piece with the lights off. But once you plug in the black power cord the show begins! With the anatomical precision of the Milton Bradley board game Operation – this doggy shows you what he’s workin with from the inside out. The lamp is constructed of white polypropylene, requires a 40W bulb and stands 13 inches high and almost 15 inches wide. This lovely lupine lamp is available directly from Angry Design for €67.


We ♥ Tripods!

Brooklyn tshirt designs in support of three legged dogs everywhere. We’ve all seen them strutting down the streets, dashing after frisbees, not lifting their leg on parking meters – Tripods. Those brave dogs who through accident or illness have lost a leg. But do not shed a tear for these tripedal tail-waggers. They somehow power through the fact that they lost 25% of their footing and balance with a perfectly synchronized ballet of tail to leg balancing. One of their peppy brethren, Lulu recently lost her superfluous forth leg to a common form of bone cancer (Osteosarcoma). In the interest of raising money for Lulu’s medical expenses as well as setting up a fund to help other osteosarcoma-stricken tripods “get back on their feet” after expensive amputation surgery and follow-up treatments – Lulu and her momma started selling awesome I ♥ TRIPODS t-shirts and more (*note these tees are kinda spendy $40 – but it is for a great cause!). These dope duds have been popping up in trendy Brooklyn boutiques and even clocked on the dance floor at Brooklyn Sugar. So what exactly are you waiting for, hop to it!

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