Fuzzy Nation’s got it in the Bag!

When I first came upon the Fuzzy Nation website I was instantly hooked! Being obsessed with the cuteness of my two little loves, the idea of having their image embedded on a fashion accessory was beyond exciting! I immediately placed an order and anxiously awaited my delivery.

I chose an ultra-cute pic of Emmett wearing his drag wig and had it applied to a silver cosmetic bag. The end result was spectacular! Even better than I could have hoped for. The bag is couture quality and the image transfer is stunning.

Expect about a 6 week turnaround and some excellent customer service. In addition to custom order bags Fuzzy Nation also makes the most adorable plush handbags in a variety of breeds!

I happen to love the Limited Edition Chinese Crested with a cream colored poly/cotton blend body and tattoo print. With Pink fur on it’s feet, tail and face and a fabric flower in her hair “Betsey” is more than bitchin’!


Personalized Dog House Wall Art Decal

From Etsy designers Graphic Spaces comes this most stylish wall art to freshen up any drab wall with a dash of whimsy! Available in multiple sizes these removable wall decals can be customized with your doggie’s name. The Dog House Vinyl Wall Art Decal is priced at $30 and available through their Etsy page. These graphical pieces can spruce up your feeding area with low impact.

And $30 is such a low price for what could amount to the ultimate “Wile E. Coyote” style practical joke.


So long Monopoly…HELLLO Chihuahua-opoly!

Finally, capitalistic dog lovers have a way to monopolize the universe!

Check out Late For The Sky’s new line of Dog-O-poly games with 12 breed specific games to choose from. It a fun spin on the traditional monopoly that both adults and kids can enjoy. The PupStyle Squad held a Chihuahua-opoly tournament with our resident 8 year blogger Parker beating the pants off of the rest of the office. We found the game easy enough for her to understand as she was able to relate to the board and playing pieces unlike traditional Monopoly game.

“What I like best about the game is seeing all the cute dogs” says Parker.

Late For The Sky also makes custom games at your request and many breed rescue groups sell these games for fundraisers. We LOOOOVE that idea! Makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays! Maybe it’s time for PupStyle-opoly?? hmmmm. 🙂


Gerald the Lazerian paper dog – simply cut, glue & fold

Manchester England based furniture design gallery Lazerian has a mascot dog named Gerald who has been recreated in paper form. All that is needed is a ruler, glue and scissors and you have the tools necessary to construct your very own Gerald. The paper model is available in standard white and specially designed “dazzle” print by Richard Sweeney. Gerald paper dog models can be purchased directly from Lazerian’s website for 15.00 UKP.
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United Bamboo debuts 2010 calendar with cats in their collection

Photographer Noah Sheldon was commissioned by United Bamboo to shoot a lookbook to showcase their upcoming line for 2010. Combining cute kitties and hand-made approximations of the United Bamboo line this wonderful calendar was the result! Generally we are doggie purists around Pupstyle but COME ON this calendar is to DIE FOR! Click here to get on the wait list – the calendar will be coming out Nov-Dec of this year. Check below for some samples from the Calendar!
United Bamboo Calendar shot
United Bamboo Calendar shot
United Bamboo Calendar shot


Dashing Dachshund designer wallpapers brings a tsunami of color to any room!

Deck the walls with Weiner doggies! German-based 2b 2designers offers up some extremely colorful wallpaper for the dog enthusiast in your life. The Haufenweise Fauna Wallpaper collection features an adorable weiner-dog silhouette printed in dramatic fuscia and red. For added convenience this wallpaper is offered in reusable single sheets that easily go up and peel off any wall. And for those of you that aren’t quite sold on Dachshund’s on your wall – 2b2 offers custom wallpaper printing – simply submit a digital photo and your wildest wallpaper dreams can come true!


Modern cat & dog shaped pillows for your home by PillowPillowPillow

If your home decor leans towards contemporary aesthetics and you’ve been searching for a way to add a little animal whimsy without looking cheesy, then check out PillowPillowPillow‘s stuffed pet replicas. Not only are they some of the coolest home decor accessories on the planet, but the characters are all based on real life dogs and cats! PillowPillowPillow holds regular casting calls on their site asking for pet lovers to submit photos of their beloved for a chance to be featured on a pillow. You can buy a pillow directly from pillowpillowpillow’s online store with prices ranging from $41-74 dollars depending on size. A great gift idea guaranteed to elicit plenty of Ooooo’s and Ahhhhh’s during the holidays.


Skele-dog shirts give you X-ray vision

The story of the Skele-dog harkens back to a long afternoon in a veterinarian waiting room with a particularly appealing dog anatomy poster. Inspired – Shawn Skeledog whipped up the first shirt design (the Dachshund) for him and his friends and started wearing it around the streets of Atlanta. Every time they walked out of the house they were bombarded with compliments from design junkies, wiener dog fanatics, vets and architects. Fast forward to today and that original wiener of bony inspiration has lead to an ever expanding collection of Skeledog tees. Currently 12 dog breeds are available – including Poodles, Jack Russells, Greyhounds, Chihuahuas and many more. Now you can step outside sporting a stylish nod to your favorite dog breed. Tees are available directly from the Skeledog website and are priced at $25.

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