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New Collar and Leash from Tory Burch

With the holidays coming into focus we are constantly on the look out for that special little extravagance for our furry friends. To this end Tory Burch has this simple yet refined Braided Dog Collar. Offered in two colors traditional Tory Navy Blue and a tad on the wild side “Hot” Orange. Signature colors notwithstanding what makes these collars “Christmas-present” worthy? It is all in the details – the hanging logo tag is solid and stands as a badge of contemporary preppy pride. Coupled with chunky cotton braid and all leather details makes this collar a winning combination of style and function. If you really want to go for it – they also offer a Braided Dog Leash to compliment. Currently available at but hurry as these are going to sell out in a flash!

Tory Burch Braided Dog Collar

Tory Burch Braided Dog Leash


Dazzle Dog Delight – Halloween Harness

Get swept up in the spirit of the spooky season with this super cute harness from Dazzle Dog Delight. Available in a rainbow of colors these mesh harnesses feature a Trio of Trick or Treat “Candy Corns”! A nice little dash of Halloween sass for your accessorized doggie this fall and at a bargain price of $21.97 these Candy Corn Harnesses make a sweet addition to your pup’s wardrobe.


Collar and Leash Steez from OriginalFake

Streetwear has dipped it’s toes into the PupStyle pool with previous dog product efforts from the Billionaire Boys Club and Tokyo’s super-dope street label Anokha but now get ready as the rest of the Streetwear world get’s hip to the style vacuum in the pet space!

One of the leaders of the streetwear movement – Kaws has teamed up with Japanese label Porter to bring about the the Teeth design Collar and Leash. Originally offered exclusively through the Colette store in Paris they sold out within days. Now the remaining few are being offered through the OriginalFake Store in Japan as well as selected metropolitan stockists in the US (Union LA, Union NYC). Kaws has a history of offering up items for his four-legged fans – back in 2008 he released a chew toy designed to look like a dog turd(see photo below). We look forward to more releases for doggies in the future!


Flair-filled Floral Collars from Pecan Pie Puppies

You asked for it PupStyler’s…more fashion ideas for big dogs!
Check out Etsy-based Pecan Pie Puppies and I am not talking about the kind that will ruin your New Year’s diet.

Pecan Pie Puppies was started in 2008 as a way to help finance dog rescue work around Columbia, South Carolina. The hand made felted flowers and bow ties slip over a collar and are the ideal way to PupStyle your BIG or little dog. With a range of flowers on par with FTD these little add-ons can add a TON of panache to your lil pup with a minimum of effort. The flowers come in a multitude of colors and strains (Hydrangeas, Peonies, Carnations, Posies, Gardenias, Dahlias and more) The bow ties are perfect for the handsome puppy-boy in your life and make great Valentine’s Day gifts. With the ease of slipping these on and off a collar you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Prices are $24.00- $26.00 with a collar and are $8.00-$9.00 without. You can purchase them through the Pecan Pie Puppies Etsy Store.


Flexi Leash Spider Glam Luxury Retractable Leash

Let me tell you, not all retractable leashes are made the same. Quality is extremely important when you buy a leash because if they break you can have serious problems on your hands. Recently another company sent me retractable leashes to test – claiming that they were strong enough to hold an 800 lb gorilla which turned out to be a bit of a stretch. Within 15 minutes Mister Jenkins had broken free and almost was hit by a car (gasp!!).

This Flexi Spider Glam leash is hand-made in Germany and is both elegant and durable at the same time. The hold and release button operates smoothly without getting stuck and the more than 500 Swarovski Crystals are a beautiful embellishment. This leash is one of my top picks for Halloween this season and so cool you can honestly rock it all year long.


Dotty and Colorful collar from The Cool Puppy

A splash of summer fun for you and your pup from Miami based designer TheCoolPuppy! A super soft leather collar riddled with colorful hollow studs. We find the black leather version gives the studs the most colorful “pop” compared to the over-sweet pink and bright green leathers also offered. As an added bonus the perforated design gives your dog a little extra air conditioning during the summer months. Compliment your own colorful summer wardrobe with this collarful pick available thru DaWanda (kind of like Euro-Etsy) for 19.99 euros (approx $25USD).

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Ruff Stuff Dog Collars and Harnesses for Spring 2010!

Bug your dog with mother nature’s ode to Spring- Ladybugs! These Ostrich skin collars from Ruff Stuff are hand-made in good ole Texas by artist June Michel. Decking your dog out in one of these perky Ladybug harnesses or collars will make you smile like watching the first Spring tulips poke through the ground. June pays an unbelievable amount of attention to detail as each tiny leaf and lady bug are painstakingly Continue reading

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