Barking In The Rain-Umbrellas With Dogs by Fuzzy Nation

If you’ve been jumping over mud puddles and dodging rain drops this summer, you can still show your dog pride with Fuzzy Nation’s collection of silk screened umbrellas with some of our favorite breeds.

They server up a platter of cuteness offering their Umbrellas with a French Bulldog, Bichon, Yorki, English Bulldog, Chihuahua and American’s #1 favorite family pet, the Golden Retriever!

On sale for $18 and will ship in 4 days!




Fuzzy Nation Silk Screened Dog Umbrellas



Dara’s Summer Pet Dressing Tips

PupStylish flickr Pic of the Moment
photograph by :Soda Foto

How To Stay PupStylish and Safe Summer When Dressing Up Your Dog!

1. Look for plenty of room in the leg area so the sun dress or tank top does not restrict movement in any way.

2. For hot weather, only buy clothing made from light weight, breathable fabrics

3. If your dog is panting heavily, REMOVE the clothes IMMEDIATELY and spoil that baby with some water or frozen ice cubes made from chicken broth.

4. Be sure the clothing is not too tight so air can circulate

5. To cool your dog down (my secret tip..shhhh) wet your dogs shirt or dress in cold water then place in the freezer for an hour and then dress your dog. It will stay wet for a while keeping your dog cool while you play outside.


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Brava!!! Belissima!! Dogs and Dolls

Luxury Pet Accessories Dog & Dolls is the all-Italian brand that is simply put Belissima!

Dogs and Dolls
Dogs and Dolls
Dogs and DollsDogs and Dolls

From these adorable sweatshirts made in stretch cotton featuring prints dedicated to singular dog breeds or groups of dogs and embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals, to this stunning Eco-leather jewel harness made ​​with pearls, crystals and floral applications in resin, finished with Swarovski,this collection made in Italy by specialized workshops are really special!

Dogs and Dollsimage

Personally I am dying to wrap up my little ones in this snuggie and say Buona Notte!



ALERT-Isaac Mizrahi Launches New Dog Fashion Line

While at Global Pet Expo in Feb this year,  I was thrilled to find Issac Mizarahi’s new line of pet products and anxiously awaiting for be readily available. Still a bit hard to find while digging through the web, but it won’t be long!

Isaac Mizrahi

Issac could be designing garbage bags and I would still buy them simply because I adore him and know he really is a dog lover not just a poser. He’s following a HOT pet fashion trend using a lot of different plaids but with his signature Isaac twist! His line consists of some of my favs in dog fashion like, neck ties and bow ties for boy dogs and fashion poo pick-up bags. His line is very dark in color waves so you must not be afraid to cross over to the dark side!



Bespoke Fun & Funky Custom Moustache Dog Sweater on ETSY

Moustacs are the HOOOTT trendy icon right now being seen on everything from t-shirts to dog sweaters. This is a rather pivotal moment

in dog fashion because normally lags a year behind in trends like this.  This makes the PupStyle office happy dance in our seats because the

trends wil quickly speed up and be as fast moving and exciting as the human fashion planet. The PupStyle Squad will be at Global Pet Expo next

month scoping out more hot trends and scouting products for our NEW ON-LINE BOUTIQUE!

When I met WillieRatBag on Twitter yesterday and saw these this design I flipped out. I am always

a sucker for something custom and special that you will really treasure and this tops my chart this week.  Walking your dog sporting this sweater in

downtown in NYC will cause so much head snapping Chiropractors all over Manhattan will be thanking WillieRatBag.

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Easty ETSY DIY Dog Bow Tie For New Year’s Eve

Dog Collar Bow Tie,Spring
PupStylish flickr Pic of the Moment
Dog Collar Bow Tie,Spring
photograph by :Camargo Creations

Camargo Creations came up with this cleaver way to make a cute dog collar, bow tie and shirt idea.

You can easily order one on Etsy through their store or take a baby bib, felt and black fabric ( or up-cycle an old neck tie) hot glue it together and viola! Instant New Year’s party pet fashion!

Send us your DIY ideas to Dara@pupstyle.con for a chance to get your dog fashion idea posted on

Happy New Year!

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