Design Junkie Alert! Expandable Travel Dog Bowl

Bowldog had created a VERY stylish, wicked affordable and intelligent dog travel water or food bowl. Retail price xsonly $6.50!shop/c1yvb

In a nut shell, it’s similar to a Ziplock bag but that when you open it up it’s the shape of a dog bowl then folds up back up when not in use. It’s so light weight you can easily take it on regular walks with you by attaching a hook to a hole designed into the product and also stuff it in your car’s glove box.

I’ve personally tested them out and am obsessed and have not had any issues with leakage or breaking. They hold a lot of water and are great for big and small dogs.

We also love the ULTRA mod prints and graphic designs on the bowl. I got the inside scoop and sneak peek of a new collection being released soon that will send other design junkies flipping out. Really an ideal combo of design and function. BRAVO bowldog! Retail price only $6.50.


Canines for Veterans! Harry Barker Gives Back ❤

Harry Barker is proud to support Canines for Veterans, a ‘triple win’national program.


First, Canines for Veterans saves dogs’ lives, rescuing them from shelters. Next, they teach military inmates how to train the dogs to serve wounded veterans.

This gives the inmates a purpose and helps rehabilitate them.

Finally, the trained dogs are paired with wounded veterans, assisting them with everyday tasks and enriching their lives.

Harry Barker contributes a portion of the proceeds of three specially designed products to Canines for Veterans. Please join us in saluting the folks at Harry Barker! Check out the awesome fun products that will help keep this program alive!





Puppy de Paris – Royal Dog Bowl

Could this possibly be the most refined dog bowl in the world?
Paris-based Puppy de Paris has been making museum-quality dog furniture for years. Their exclusive Baron Haussmann Sofa is the dog sofa of choice for the the Ritz Hotel Place Vendôme’s VIP pet clientelle (including Coco Chanel, the Duchess of Windsor, Elton John and many more).

This incredibly luxurious dog bowl continues Puppy de Paris’ tradition of artisan grade pet finery. The Eculle Royale bowl was inspired by a 16th century goldsmith’s drawing and references the King of France’s coat of arm’s with 3 Fleur de Lis. Crafted in their Paris-based jewelry workshop the exterior is gilded in 24K gold and the interior dish is made of glass. The Royal Bowls are offered in a limited edition of 100 pieces and each comes in a silk-lined wooden travel box. With this level of luxury price is usually no object – and in this case L’Eculle Royale lives up to it’s pedigree with a price of $4400.00 USD. For purchasing information see the Puppy de Paris website.


Wood Grain dog bowls from ORE originals

Wood-grain and bent-plywood have been big trends in the dog furnishings market. And now ORE steps up to your dog’s plate and delivers a wide palette of wood-grain options to compliment all of those grainy organic patterns. ORE’s dog bowls are made of super durable Melamine and come in a range of various wood grain patterns. Whether you are trying to match your contemporary dark woods (chocolate or plywood) or go a bit further afield with some funky colored wood grains (blue and green wood grain) – ORE has got you covered. Continue reading


Dara Foster’s Pupstylish Holiday Gift List

Naughty or Nice your pup needs stylish presents this Holiday season!

‘Tis the season to stock up on gifts for your favorite furry friend. And Dara Foster has made a list and checked it twice fully of stylish gifts for both naughty and nice. Dara Foster’s Pupstylish Holiday Gift list was originally published in the National Enquirer this week and in the spirit of the season we are sharing it with you for all your holiday gift giving needs. Happy Holidays from the whole team at PupStyle!

Mascot Scarves for Dogs

  • This is a great, affordable holiday gift for all sizes of dogs-especially the big guys!
  • It easily slips on over the head and can be worn all winter long for years to come and layered with coats and sweaters
  • It’s a great alternative for dogs who prefer not to wear clothes.

Izzy YumYum Haus
2. IZZY HAUS-$14

  • This beautiful dog treat looks so delicious you’ll want to eat it yourself!
  • Made of all natural ingredients and does double duty as a x-mas ornament.
  • Perfect for hanging on a tree or by the fireplace then served up as a snack on x-mas

Turkey Drum Stick Toy

  • By famed Vermont Artist Stephen Huneck
  • If your dog is prone to hijacking the holiday turkey from the counter, try keeping him busy with this
    chewable work of art by artist Stephen Huneck
  • Stephen Huneck not only famous for his iconic dog art paintings, but is also the founder of the Dog
    Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont
  • This yummy toy has a hole for stuffing snackies to keep him entertained while you dine on the real deal

Molly Mutt Duvet

  • Don’t worry about hiding this dog bed during holiday parties, it’s high-style and affordable
  • This doggie duvet cover can revitalize an old dog bed or you can “stuff it” with old clothes, blankets,
    towels or what ever soft fabrics you have laying around.
  • Friendly to the environment since you can recycle old fabrics that you might otherwise throw away

Pepper & Tanky Perfume

  • When someone says “gosh, you smell like your dog” take it as a compliment!
  • This dog perfume smells like a yummy combo of flowers and fruit and is the ultimate holiday gift for your beloved
  • Perfect for eliminating doggie odor in between baths or spa appointments and smells so good you’ll
    want to give it a try-no joke!

Daisy Couture Collar Wallets


  • Finally, a wallet designed for your dog that they can wear
  • These stylish little wallets attach to any dog collar and are designed to hold your pets I.D tag, house key or cash
  • Great alternative to the tacky fanny packs for treat stashing while on your daily walks

Fou Fou Parkas

  • Keep your chilly-dog warm and cozy this winter with a quilted and fleece lined winter parka
  • These pupstylish coats are designed to dogs of all sizes from Chihuahuas to Greyhounds

Wet Noz bowls

  • Pet feeders so cool they’ve been known to be used by humans as salad bowls!
  • These hip, plastic bowls have a handle for easy in-the-bag scooping and non-skid feet to prevent dish traveling while your pet chows down
  • Unbeatable style and price

Bullyware Evil Elf

  • Harness your dogs inner “Evil Elf” this holiday by joining the “Evil Elf Society”
  • These tees are guaranteed to turn heads and get a laugh from anyone who sees them
  • All cotton with a flash of silver
  • A fun, unique way to dress up your dog for the holidays without going with the traditional santa hat

Shabby Dog Cuff Collar

  • Patent leather wrist cuff designed for hands-free walking for small dogs
  • So sassy you’ll use it as an accessory for yourself
  • Can use with any basic leash
  • Wouldn’t recommend for using on big dogs who might pull hard and take you down to the ground

HugX wins 2008 Lifestyle Innovation Award

Ireland based HugX takes top design award at Pet Fashion Week 2008. From the field of 8 incredible “pet dinnerware” designs – a team of expert judges (including Emilie Baltz (, Connie Wilson (moderndog) and our own Dara Foster) had to select a winner of the 2008 Pet Fashion Week Lifestyle Innovation Award. It was a tough choice but in the end the clean lines, utilitarian design concepts and innovative bowl positioning of the Hugx bowl pushed it to the forefront.

Speaking with HugX CEO Jane Grant after the award ceremony we learned more about Hugx’s design pedigree. The bowl was designed with the team of Justin Magee and Stephen McGilloway who have worked with Mercedes and Audi’s auto design team. The automotive design influences are obvious with the metal frame set in an sports-car-like aggressive stance footed upon high-performance skid-proof rubber feet.

A great deal of thought was put into the design and conception of the Hugx. The detachable dishwasher-safe bowl sits snugly into the aluminum frame and can accommodate approx. 1 1/2 cups of kibble and if you turn the bowl around (“ears” pointed down) it will hold approx 1/2 cup of kibble (for feeding puppies or those in need of a little dietary restraint). The positioning and angle of the bowl even allows access for those pathetic satellite dish wearing post surgery pups (though it is decidedly less funny to watch).

Oh yes and to avoid any confusion the company name is pronounced Hug-kiss (as in xoxo) not Hug-ex! However you say it this is an award-winning combination of design and function and is available to purchase through the Hugx website.

We have closed the contest and are alerting the winners! Stay glued to your in-box it might be you!

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