Pretty Pet Friendly by Julia Szabo

Keeping your house pretty with pets can be tough but this book will guide you. When we first received Julia Szabo‘s new book we were excited after meeting up with her at the Apt. Therapy Pet Design Symposium – she is a very smart and incredibly well-informed pet lifestyle expert. And it doesn’t hurt that our very own Team PupStyle co-captain, Flo is featured on page 62! But this book had lots of words and B&W photos! Huh?!?!
Flo from Team PupStyle feat in Julia Szabo's book Pretty Pet Friendly

After receiving hundreds of pet-style books that were nothing more than a compilation of slick photos of dogs reclining in apartments we could never afford – we were kinda taken aback. But then we actually read the book and were pleasantly surprised. Don’t let the title fool you Pretty Pet-Friendly is way more than simple eye candy! This book is chock full of tips and guidance on how to live a stylish life at home while taking your pet’s needs into account.

This book should be required reading for new pet owners who hope to balance their current lifestyle with the challenges having a pet can present. From a simple recipe for skunk-wash (save the tomato juice for Bloody Marys!) to eco-friendly choices that benefit you and your pet, this book is a trove of sage advice for living with pets.

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