Trampoline bed from Hepper

Make your Hep Hound – Hepper! Cuteness, comfort and function merge in this new Trampoline bed from Hepper.
Hailing from the Zenith of Pet Luxury Design – Vermont (ok maybe not the zenith but PupStyle calls it home!) – Hepper Home recently launched with a sweet line up of style-friendly dog, cat and bird domiciles. One of the doggie designs that caught our eye is the Wave Bed, a very simple design comprised of a steel frame with a micro-suede padded “hammock” that hangs above the floor. Being suspended off the floor keeps pups toasty in the winter and cooler in the summer. One thing to note – there is a weight limit of about 15lbs. – so plusher pooches need not apply! The Wave bed can be purchased directly from for $85.


The latest lap-dog lounger from The Pet Project

Another slice of designer minimalism from the minds behind such tasty dog lodges as Eddie’s Room. We met up with The Pet Project‘s lead designer Lene Nendel (pictured below in a super fresh tee with a gun toting Maltesse) at NYC ICFF. This Fall 07 Pet Project will be rolling out the Missy’s Dreamer bed in three colorways (Smoked Acrylic/Grey (pictured), White Acrylic/Green, Chrome Acrylic/Dark Brown). Currently the Smoked/Grey color combo is available from ID Chicago for $470.

Pet Project at ICFF

Super-fresh pet n people pillows from Brooklyn’s Kept Pets

Dynamic sister duo (Elaine and Katherine) from planet Brooklyn crank out some of the hottest handmade dog beds available. With a handful of various abstract hand-screened patterns the Kept Pets pillows make a fine addition to any home. The pillows are made of a fine cotton/linen blend stuffed with extra puffy poly-fill and foam in sizes ranging from 24″x20″(fits a Pomeranian) up to 36″x30″(fits a Dalmatian or person). The multitude of designs are inspired from sketches, random marks and a ridiculous childhood couch – and the screening process involves multiple screens so there are no two designs alike. The Kept beds range from $80-$120 and are available exclusively online at the Kept Pets Etsy shop.


Stylish bent-plywood Ellipse dog bed from Vurv

Total Ellipse of the Heart. This trendy trundle is comprised of bent plywood covered with your choice of veneer (shown in Jatoba – discontinued due to unsustainability). This is a welcome addition to any home furnishing line up with the wide variety of veneers – aluminum, bamboo, cherry, wenge & maple (see below for examples ). The curved “arms” of the ellipse bed look like a bent skateboard deck (which would be a hot decorating choice BTW – slap a coupla Supreme & ZooYork stickers on it and your little shredder is ready to grind!). The creamy middle is filled with a machine-washable microfiber cushion. To positively pimp your pooch’s perch – go the extra yard and pick up one of those sheep skin covered cushions. While it’s label-mate the Wowo Dog Pod has been grabbing all of the headlines – we really think the Ellipse Dog Bed is the more stylish and useful of the two. The Ellipse bed is available for $799(CAD) directly from the designer at their Vurv – Wowo site.


Jonathan Alder Dog Beds with Mod Pop art prints

If you are not dying to drop $30,000 on a Hello Kitty canopy dog bed – check out Jonathan Adler’s new line of stylish dog beds. While they are very simple and classic in shape and form, he scores major design points for his choice of prints. We dig his Stockhholm bed design print for it’s pop & mod use of color and layered patterns. If you’re in the market for something simple with high-design, Jonathan Adler’s your man! Priced at $195.00 and available to purchase direct from Jonathan Adler’s site


Graphic patterned custom dog pillows from Jax and Bones

Ahhhh…a sassy and super comfy pupstylish bed with drop-dead gorgeous designs that’ll start a pillow fight! The designers over at Jax and Bones understand that dogs desire high-end style as well. No cheezy, dog bone prints from this gang only the finest contemporary patterns suited to match finely decorated houses. They offer custom made beds in 33 tasteful patterns with 2 shapes (circle or square) and three different sizes that coordinate with almost every home interior. The cover is 100% washable and the pillow insert has stitched pockets of down and poly fiber fill that won’t flatten or condense. Prices range from $102-164 depending on size.


Super cool wooden dog bed from Holden Designs

A bed worthy of a God! If there were ever a design god in the dog furniture world, Jon Wesley Rahman, founder of Holden Designs, Inc. would be that deity. An architect and furniture designer by trade, he feels the same way we do about designing dog products that are pleasing for both pooch’s and people’s perspectives. This slice of tastiness is a work of art disguised as a dog bed. Made from bent plywood with a Walnut veneer it is ideal for small to medium size dogs. The only down side is that it does not come with a cushion. Their web site states that they offer a Cornflower Blue cushion, but we can’t seem to find it. Don’t sweat it, because it works oh so well with an IKEA sheep skin happy pad (not included but available at IKEA stores for around $20). Thanks to Holden Designs, we can all finally burn our dingy old dog beds and blankets and renew our dog’s sleeping quarters! The bed measures 27.25″ x 22″ W x 11″ H. Available from for $250

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