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The prestigious décor of Paris, and testimony to French history, is at the the heart of all Puppy de Paris products. Karin Fainas’ love of Fine Jewelry along with days spent at the Place Vendome inspired these unique luxurious home accouterments. They are so refined and elegant it seems crazy to call them beds and closets!


I am smitten with this combination dog bed armoire! So absolutely regal and posh! The craftsmanship is just amazing!


Lined with the plushest of velvet this lap of luxury item is only for the most discriminating pooch!


Of course with all of this luxury one could not eat from a ceramic dog bowl . Non, non, non, non ,non!!!!!! May we present this lovely fleur-de-lis gold gilded bowl! The first mention of the fleur-de-lis is found in the Bible. It is described as the symbol of the beloved, the one who was chosen. Starting in the twelfth century, the fleur-de-lis became the emblem of royalty in France. It was Henry the IV King of France who said Love me, Love my Dog!


For more on the craftsmanship of these items visit Puppy de Paris


Snuggle up with your sweetie on a Crypton Throver

If you’re looking for a lasting Valentine’s gift that serves up both style and comfort for you and your beloved pup, check out the Crypton Throver. Crypton is well known for durable, stylish and high quality fabrics that are made to last. These beautiful throws are a tarp and a blanket in one. They are reversible, machine washable and have a pupstylish pattern on one side and faux suede on the other. You can use them on your couch and they are even durable enough to protect the backseat of your car. In a pinch they also make a great changing blanket for babies! The whole PupStyle pack including my two legged kids are obsessed! The Crypton Throver comes in a range of colors and patterns and is available directly from Crypton at $99.
Crypton throw blanket for dogs - Throver

Crypton Disinfectant for DogsIf things get too exciting and someone pees on your Crypton blanket, have no fear Disinfectant is here! Not only does Crypton make the fabrics, they now offer cleaning products specifically designed to clean and disinfect the non-porous Crypton Barrier fabrics. They smell fantastic (no HAZMAT suit needed!) and from personal experience they actually do remove stains (I’m looking at you Mr. Jenkins!).


P.L.A.Y. – Heels and Boots pet bed

Pet beds need to have some serious style in order to stand out in the PupStyle household. The Heels and Boots limited edition bed from Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y) definitely delivers! With a great design created by San Fran-based artist David Collins – the bed really speaks to the pup-fashionista. Combining the charming naivete of little kids playing dress up in their Mom & Dad’s shoes with the bold graphical silhouette style this bed is a surefire attention grabber.

The bed exteriors are made with 100% cotton and offer a zipper for easy cleaning while the insides are stuffed with eco-friendly PlanetFill™. The beds have been sleep-tested by Flo, Bernard & Mr. Jenkins and judging by their constant battles the PLAY bed has been deemed a winner!

available from P.L.A.Y online: P.L.A.Y Heels and Boots pet bed


AKC Holiday dog bed set

The AKC holiday dog bed gift set is a classic holiday red plaid bed with matching dog blanket and bone pillow. This is a great value ($19) for a 3 piece gift set that is warm and very plush. We love the Burgundy edition of the set as it looks beautiful with traditional holiday home decor. This set is available at Bed Bath & Beyond nationwide and online.

Bed Bath & Beyond


Snub Beds for modern little dogs with BIG DREAMS!

Prepare to PupStyle your home interior! You DON’T have to settle for ratty old dog beds any longer. The Snub Bed is a shining example of how the pet home furnishings world is quickly expanding to fill the void in the “cute dog bed” space. If you’re a modern design junkie like me, then this is the bed for you! Beauty and function are blended in this cute, stripey and fuzzy number and your little nipper will quickly claim this bed as their own (if it was any bigger I’d fight him for it!). What I love most about this bed are the colorful SnubPads that can be inter-changed to fit your decor or mood. The outer edge of the bed is overstuffed faux mink, while the bottom is made from leather to prevent slippage on smooth flooring. The inner SnubPad is colored stripey canvas on one side with faux mink on the other. The removable inner cushion can be taken along for travel or even serve as a cute accent pillow on your couch. You can scoop up a Snub Bed for $129 directly from the designer and buy additional SnubPads in other colors for only $35.


La Favorite – Sofa O’ Luxury Dog Egg

When Paris based luxury Hotel Le Meurice was being refurbished at the turn of the century in 1905 – the fresco Painters and Architects on site befriended a stray greyhound and the hotel mascot was established. This contributed to the 100+ year tradition of VIP dog friendly accommodations at Hotel Le Meurice including custom engraved collars for canine guests and guided walks through the hotel’s Tuileries gardens with a groom . For 2010 they have worked with Brigit Mettra (the founder of La Favorite) to sculpt a Salvador Dali inspired ceramic egg with a haute couture faux-fur interior. The Sofa O’ (short for Oeuf) is being hand produced in a limited run of 100 pieces.


Get Lick’d Travel Dog Beds

My favorite pet products are those that have a dual purpose and the Get Lick’d travel bed is no exception. This beautifully simple design is made from organic terry cloth fabric resembling a towel sewn over comfy egg crate foam. The bed rolls up and ties for easy travel and is machine washable.

This bed is not only LOVED by my Flat Coated Retriever Mr. Jenkins, but I found myself sneaking it off to the park to use as a comfy cushion!
You can find this at AbesMarket for $40 with free shipping.

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