Walls that make you go Woof by Jordi LaBanda!

Jordi LaBanda

Jordi Labanda, is a fashion and advertising illustrator, who was was born in Mercedes (Uruguay)and now lives in NYC.
Jordi is an internationally recognized artist due to his exclusive style and his numerous collaborations with publications such as Wallpaper, Vogue USA, Vogue Nippon, Visionaire, The NY Times Sunday Magazine.

Canine Chic!

Canine Chic!

We are crazy for this “girls best friend” themed wallpaper in collaboration with Coordonne. It’s a must have as an accent wall in your powder room or for your pampered pup’s walk-in closet.

Perfect Accent Wall


Bottom’s Up Baby!

dohlong's first pint
PupStylish flickr Pic of the Moment
dohlong’s first pint
photograph by :dohlongma

PupStyle HQ is located in Long Island NY.

We have been hit very hard by Sandy and this picture pretty much sums up how people are maintaining their sanity in our area.

Happy to report we finally have power, cable, internet and are very slowly getting back up to speed.

Many folks are on this island are cold and isolated, low on food, gas and staying home because of their pets instead of leaving.

Please send them your good energy and offer any assistance to are able.


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Design Junkie Alert! Expandable Travel Dog Bowl

Bowldog had created a VERY stylish, wicked affordable and intelligent dog travel water or food bowl. Retail price xsonly $6.50!shop/c1yvb

In a nut shell, it’s similar to a Ziplock bag but that when you open it up it’s the shape of a dog bowl then folds up back up when not in use. It’s so light weight you can easily take it on regular walks with you by attaching a hook to a hole designed into the product and also stuff it in your car’s glove box.

I’ve personally tested them out and am obsessed and have not had any issues with leakage or breaking. They hold a lot of water and are great for big and small dogs.

We also love the ULTRA mod prints and graphic designs on the bowl. I got the inside scoop and sneak peek of a new collection being released soon that will send other design junkies flipping out. Really an ideal combo of design and function. BRAVO bowldog! Retail price only $6.50.


Teo Jasmin C’est Magnifique!

While browsing the Internet for cool stuff to post, I came across this image and instantly fell in love!


Who is this funky little pup and where can I see more? That’s when I discovered Teo Jasmin. In 2001, Angéline Bailly gives birth to her fist child, Téo as well as to her brand which she baptized Téo Jasmin! Her modifications of digital and photographic images on everything from handbags to home goods are insanely addictive!


Here are more of my faves!





Haroshi skateboard dog sculpture

Here is a look at Japanese sculptor/artist Haroshi’s super cool dog-head sculpture which is a part of the collection that opened this weekend in LA at the HUF x Haroshi x DLX show. Haroshi creates these amazing pieces by salvaging old skateboard decks, glueing them together and then carving out a shape. The rest of his collection includes sculptures of a Moose head, a skate wheel, a cat, hands and feet. The Haroshi show is currently on display at HUF 545 S. Clarence St. LA, CA. For more photos and info check out the artist’s site – and this informative post at Daily du Jour.


Nike Dog Sculptures Redefines Recycling!

Holy recycling Batman! These  dog sculptures are crafted out of classic Nike sneakers by English designer Vinti Andrews. Going way beyond eco and straight to cool. Made from broken down pieces of shoe, reconstructed into the shape of a dog, complete with a spiked collar and a chain-link leash, this  series of custom canines features different colors and styles of sneaker! The  sculptures are available now from the Japanese site Beams! and clock in at ¥350,000 (about $4500.00 USD) Nobody said it was easy (or cheap) being green!

Check out the whole collection of recycled sneaker dogs here.

Recycled Nike sneakers dog sculpture by Vinti Andrews
Vinti Andrews sculpts dogs from recycled Nike sneakers


Bling Bone Sterling Silver “Woof” necklace for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, ease up on spoiling your four legged friend and send your Pup shopping for YOU! Dog moms should be appreciated and nothing barks “I Wuv Mommy” louder than one of these bone-shaped necklaces from Bling Bone.

I am always on the look out for high-styled, dog themed human clothing and accessories that’s a break from the cheesy matchy-matchy “Mommy & Me” look. Bling Bone ranks high on the PupStyle fashion-o-meter for creating really beautiful body jewelry that’s high quality and can be worn every day while making a statement about your love of dogs.

Starting at just $56 for a sterling silver bone-shaped “Woof” necklace with semi-precious stones to $3,645.00 for a 18k white gold pave diamond bone, this necklace is guaranteed to be a head turner.

Of course, Bling Bone didn’t leave the dogs out. They offer a matching Sterling Silver “Woof” dog collar tags for your four legged baby starting at $39 or you can really go for it with a personalized silver and semi-precious stone dog collar tag prices range from $340-$510.

Thank you Bling Bone for making you and your pup BLING this Mother’s Day!

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