Stainless Steel leash hook from Italian Dimensione Disegno

Keeping the party “on the hook”. If your little party animal is known as the one who shows up right as the party goes “off the hook” – this might be the perfect pet gadget for you. The Leone – Wall Dog Hook offers you a third hand to help hold a wiggly leash when you get back home from a particularly exciting squirrel chase in the park.

Made of stainless steel the Leone’s round face plate is riveted with a steel hook and an easy latch carabiner. We could see these hooks used as a bathing restraint as well as giving you a hands-free towel-off pause after coming in from a rainy walk. Currently the Wall Dog Hook is not available to purchase online but you can contact the design firm – Dimensione Disegno for further details.


The Kemp Bag by the ultimate eco-friendly poo bag holder

Avoid the evil eye of the “Eco-Poo-Nazis” at the dog park with the “I Pick UP” bag by These handy little bags are designed for carrying around biodegradable poo pick-up baggies, and made from recycled kites used by champion kite boarders in Florida. Since you can attach the handle to almost anything, this is a MUCH cooler alternative to the late 1980″s fanny-pack that professional dog walkers love. You can also get away with stashing your house keys and treats in this when you don’t have pockets. Priced right at $25 the “Kemps” Poo Bag Pouch from 4u2reuse is available direct from the designer at the 4u2reuse online store.


Smooth plastic dog “Woofy” hides messy cords

Why can’t you be more like Woofy? When searching for a role-model for your own pup – you can find none better than Woofy. This affable plastic pooch was created by handsome Argentine designer Gabriel Nigro (pictured below) as a clean and cute way to gather and hide all of those nasty power cords. The Worldwide reaction to Woofy has been overwhelming – with a majority of owners treating Woofy more like objet d’art rather than an electronics cord cozy. Sites have popped up with folks posting pictures of Woofy around the globe and Woofy with friends. The Japanese Woofy site is (naturally) the most obsessive and includes a photographic guide to discerning a “real” Woofy versus the numerous copycat versions. Woofy can be purchased through the Normann-copenhagen site devoted to all things Woofy and is available for $212.50 USD.


Monogrammed Dog Life Jacket from Neiman Marcus

Just like an open car window dogs just love to stand on the bow of a boat and feel the wind in their hair. Yet sometimes they push it a bit too far and tip overboard! Well now you can relax knowing that if you’ve got a non-aquatic dog overboard all you need to do is loop back around and scoop them back on deck. This vinyl covered foam dog life jacket comes in a decorative bronze color with a monogram letter to make sure not to get your life-vest mixed up with your dog’s. As an echo of latter day bling – the monogram also includes a subtle bling highlight with 2-3 embeded jewels. Another nice feature are the double handles that make lifting your pooch out of the water super simple. We’re not sure how this effects your dogs ability to shake dry – but that is a minor price to pay for worry free boating. The Monogramed Dog Life Vest is available from Neiman Marcus online for $89.00.


iPod compatible Dog jacket with speaker system from Hands design

I got the woofers in my jeep… Wire your pooch for sound with this dope merging of technology and dog fashion. While in the concept phase right now (not for long methinks!) the iPod Dock is a creation of SVA grads Wei Lieh Lee and Kevin O’Callahan (Hands Design). Outfitted in this season’s sleeper pattern trend “buffalo plaid” – this coat looks up to par with a matching padded leash handle. But upon closer inspection the leash handle contains an iPod remote control and the coat houses a protective pocket and adapter for your iPod mini as well as two side pockets container external speakers. So start prep-ing your “walking the dog” theme music playlists now! (found via CubeMe)


Lemony Poo-bags from Wag Bags

Dung with Style! No need to worry about scrambling around looking for a plain old baggy or scrap of news paper to pick up puppy’s sidewalk unmentionables.
Wag Bags have designed a stylish, biodegradable, lemon scented, mitt to help you get a better grip on your doggie-doo duty. They come in 3 cheery colors (which all contrast beautifully with the very “now” color of brown) and are a must-have for easy clean up if you have a puppy living in your pad. Box of 24 will cost you less than a pair of lattes at Starbucks $6 .


Custom credit cards from Bank of America featuring your Pooch

Designer Doggie Debt. You’ve already gone deep into debt buying your pooch the latest togs and highest quality kibble. Now Bank Of America has introduced a new Visa card customizable with your dog’s photo so the next time you are at Vuitton charging a new outfit you can make sure the LV Brown does not clash with your doggie’s coloring. The “Pet Rewards” card starts out with a 0% intro rate for transfers, who knows where that rate heads after the intro period! The “Rewards” part of the program allows you to earn points toward veterinary services, pet food discount certificates and shelter donations.


Tinkerbell dead on a stick handbag

After a rousing end-of-year trifecta of animal mis-treatment (swapping her dog for a newer smaller model, trading in that dog for a rare rainforest creature, and being unanimously voted in as the worst pet owner of 2005), Paris Hilton’s infamous care of her Chihuahua Tinkerbell has rippled through the fashion industry and resulted in this ‘Ode a Produit’. Wisconsin Designer James Piatt has created a handbag inspired by Tinkerbell’s corpse. Made of leather combined with solid lucite, now you can dispose of your dog at the whims of fashion seasons just like Paris Hilton!

WARNING: Only the truly icy-cool PupStylist can pull-off carrying their Chihuahua in this purse without getting a full force PETA beatdown.

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