Bottom’s Up Baby!

dohlong's first pint
PupStylish flickr Pic of the Moment
dohlong’s first pint
photograph by :dohlongma

PupStyle HQ is located in Long Island NY.

We have been hit very hard by Sandy and this picture pretty much sums up how people are maintaining their sanity in our area.

Happy to report we finally have power, cable, internet and are very slowly getting back up to speed.

Many folks are on this island are cold and isolated, low on food, gas and staying home because of their pets instead of leaving.

Please send them your good energy and offer any assistance to are able.


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Teo Jasmin C’est Magnifique!

While browsing the Internet for cool stuff to post, I came across this image and instantly fell in love!


Who is this funky little pup and where can I see more? That’s when I discovered Teo Jasmin. In 2001, Angéline Bailly gives birth to her fist child, Téo as well as to her brand which she baptized Téo Jasmin! Her modifications of digital and photographic images on everything from handbags to home goods are insanely addictive!


Here are more of my faves!





Rodeo Drive via Superzoo!

Rodeo Drive is  the Superzoo Couture Alley! We saw some of our old friends and are excited by the new ones we met!

Dog in the Closet’s unique escape proof harness is functional as well as cuter than cute! The hand crafted quality of these denim pieces are definitely couture worthy!
Of particular note are  these Angel wings!  Which won Pet Style News Editors Choice!  

Hey Green Monster is a home-based, dog-centric company focused on creating functional and expressive dogwear that remains true to the “dog-ness” in our best friends. ​ ​Green Monster believes that pet personality can be expressed in dogwear without losing functionality.  We love the logo!  

There was a big push toward sustainability and eco friendliness in clothing.  MuffinHead understands the concept of upcycling clothing. Clothing is cheaper than it has ever been, which makes it more accessible, but also more disposable.

The average American throws out 68 pounds of clothing each year. The materials used to make Muffinhead (with the exception of the Velcro and threads, which are at least purchased locally) are gathered from local sources, all  handmade in Portland, which supports the Pacific Northwest economy.

So that’s the best of Superzoo as we saw it. That’s not to say that there wasn’t more that we loved ! In the coming weeks we will be featuring more great stuff so keep checking in!


A Tux Is A Must-Have

Happy Birthday Finnegan!
PupStylish flickr Pic of the Moment
Happy Birthday Finnegan!
photograph by :milikin

If you have a boy dog and are thinking of buying your first piece of dog fashion, I highly suggest a simple tux. You would be surprised at all the different occasions a tux comes in handy.

Think, birthday parties, holiday season, Valentines day and even summer garden gatherings.

It’s easy to find a cute dog tuxes on-line at affordable prices.

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Golden Dream Dress from Deni Alexander

When it comes to giving out the label of “dog fashion couture” we have pretty high standards here at PupStyle. This mind-blowing masterpiece created by former NYC theatrical costume designer, Deni Alexander has certainly earned the title of “couture”! This dress is hand crafted of the finest silks and tulle and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Deni hand dyed over 80 yards of tulle in four shades ranging from pale yellow to deep mahogany gold to create the sweeping “antebellum” skirt. The sleeves and stand up collar are made from silk organza.
This showpiece can be yours for $1,000 directly from the designer at Deni Alexander Designs.

Golden Couture Dress from Deni Alexander
Trixie works it in the Golden Dress


“The Wendy Williams Dog” picked as top Celeb Pet pic of 2010!

In March of 2010 Dara Foster and the PupStyle Glam Squad invaded the Wendy Williams show. The fur was flying as the camera’s went up on Dara’s Dog Fashion Show on the Wendy Williams Show. After the show Wendy and her husband were taken with how cute the dogs were – especially Dexter the poodle and Macy the Bulldog. Dara had styled both dogs specifically as “Wendy Dogs” catering to the diva-hosts love of wigs and Crinoline.

And then “lo and Behold!” Wendy and Dexter are selected as PeoplePets Best Celebrity Pet Pics of 2010!

Dexter sports the “Wendy” look
This 6 week old toy poodle was so new to the game he didn’t know what to do on the runway! But with a dash of animal prints, a doggy wig and almost a quarter million dollars worth of diamonds around his neck we can make any dog shine on the catwalk!

The pink dog wig really go the crowd going – and these wigs are handmade by Ruth Regina who is a 8th generation wig maker with over 60 years of wig making experience. The Pink Doll Face Wig ($36-$43 at is a low priced option with some high priced impact!
Pairing this with this season’s hot animal print trend The Gia Leopard print dress ($48 at is a fun affordable dress to mix and match.

And then to top it all off we had a company rep from I-LOVE-DOGS fly out from LA early yesterday morning to hand-delivery this unbelivable 15+ karat diamond and platinum dog collar ($150,000 at! Totally over-the-top!


Dara Foster’s Pupstylish Holiday Gift List

Naughty or Nice your pup needs stylish presents this Holiday season!

‘Tis the season to stock up on gifts for your favorite furry friend. And Dara Foster has made a list and checked it twice fully of stylish gifts for both naughty and nice. Dara Foster’s Pupstylish Holiday Gift list was originally published in the National Enquirer this week and in the spirit of the season we are sharing it with you for all your holiday gift giving needs. Happy Holidays from the whole team at PupStyle!

Mascot Scarves for Dogs

  • This is a great, affordable holiday gift for all sizes of dogs-especially the big guys!
  • It easily slips on over the head and can be worn all winter long for years to come and layered with coats and sweaters
  • It’s a great alternative for dogs who prefer not to wear clothes.

Izzy YumYum Haus
2. IZZY HAUS-$14

  • This beautiful dog treat looks so delicious you’ll want to eat it yourself!
  • Made of all natural ingredients and does double duty as a x-mas ornament.
  • Perfect for hanging on a tree or by the fireplace then served up as a snack on x-mas

Turkey Drum Stick Toy

  • By famed Vermont Artist Stephen Huneck
  • If your dog is prone to hijacking the holiday turkey from the counter, try keeping him busy with this
    chewable work of art by artist Stephen Huneck
  • Stephen Huneck not only famous for his iconic dog art paintings, but is also the founder of the Dog
    Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont
  • This yummy toy has a hole for stuffing snackies to keep him entertained while you dine on the real deal

Molly Mutt Duvet

  • Don’t worry about hiding this dog bed during holiday parties, it’s high-style and affordable
  • This doggie duvet cover can revitalize an old dog bed or you can “stuff it” with old clothes, blankets,
    towels or what ever soft fabrics you have laying around.
  • Friendly to the environment since you can recycle old fabrics that you might otherwise throw away

Pepper & Tanky Perfume

  • When someone says “gosh, you smell like your dog” take it as a compliment!
  • This dog perfume smells like a yummy combo of flowers and fruit and is the ultimate holiday gift for your beloved
  • Perfect for eliminating doggie odor in between baths or spa appointments and smells so good you’ll
    want to give it a try-no joke!

Daisy Couture Collar Wallets


  • Finally, a wallet designed for your dog that they can wear
  • These stylish little wallets attach to any dog collar and are designed to hold your pets I.D tag, house key or cash
  • Great alternative to the tacky fanny packs for treat stashing while on your daily walks

Fou Fou Parkas

  • Keep your chilly-dog warm and cozy this winter with a quilted and fleece lined winter parka
  • These pupstylish coats are designed to dogs of all sizes from Chihuahuas to Greyhounds

Wet Noz bowls

  • Pet feeders so cool they’ve been known to be used by humans as salad bowls!
  • These hip, plastic bowls have a handle for easy in-the-bag scooping and non-skid feet to prevent dish traveling while your pet chows down
  • Unbeatable style and price

Bullyware Evil Elf

  • Harness your dogs inner “Evil Elf” this holiday by joining the “Evil Elf Society”
  • These tees are guaranteed to turn heads and get a laugh from anyone who sees them
  • All cotton with a flash of silver
  • A fun, unique way to dress up your dog for the holidays without going with the traditional santa hat

Shabby Dog Cuff Collar

  • Patent leather wrist cuff designed for hands-free walking for small dogs
  • So sassy you’ll use it as an accessory for yourself
  • Can use with any basic leash
  • Wouldn’t recommend for using on big dogs who might pull hard and take you down to the ground
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