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Puss’n booty shakin’ beats from Holy F*&^ “Red Lights” video

Canadian Electro group Holy F(*& have an album out on XL called “Latin”. The album’s release was met with a veritable “who’s who” of music salivating over the album (Thom Yorke, Lou Reed and others). The band handed over the controls for the music video to Michael LeBlanc – and LeBlanc delivered the goods! What results is a video of electro tabbys, preening kitties and what has to be the best ode to the KeyBoard Cat evar! [sic]! Get ready for tons of looped kitty bopping action and even a dog and cat car chase!

Holy F^#$
“Red Lights”
from the album Latin on XL Recordings


Dara Foster’s Trend Report Halloween 2010

Check it out! As Dara Foster runs down the hottest trends in Halloween for Pets on PeoplePets.com. Dara gives you the inside scoop on what trends to look for in dog costumes for this coming holiday season! And no you can’t pull off the “Y2K-Bug” costume again – it was clever for the first few years but MOVE ON man!

PeoplePets.com This Year’s Hottest Halloween Trends


Catchy Pop + IKEA props + well trained pups = LOVE

Internet video phenoms OK GO have yet another creative & inventive music video this time for their song “White Knuckles”. And this time rather than keeping all the wacky hijinks to themselves they have enlisted the help of a furry army of insanely well trained and beautifully coifed doggies. The vid consists of the OK GO guys coaxing their pup costars over, under and on-top-of all kinds of IKEA-sourced furnishings. Tip of the hat for the 411 to @RobDouglas. Check it out:


Art Institutes recognizes the POWAH of PET FASHION!

Pet Fashion Takes Over the Runway:
Check it out as our own Dara Foster is interviewed about the pet fashion movement by america’s leading creative education magazine – Aiinsite.

“Designers have to come up with ideas for clothes and accessories that a human will buy and a dog will wear,” Foster says.

“They had put a pulsating space alien light-up brain on the dog’s head, and it was wearing a silver space suit,” says Foster.

read the full article here.


Sushi Cat Returns for The Honeymoon (game)

Uh oh – I hope you did not have any work to do today. The Sushi Cat returneth! Our favorite chubby & bubbly blue cat and his pink companion have gone on their honeymoon. Too bad for Sushi Cat there is a big brown meanie bent on messing up their vacation! Help our blue friend bulk up with a sushi diet and save the day! Such a simple game, all you have to do is drop Sushi Cat and let him do all the work – but SO ADDICTIVE! You might have noticed a slowing of posting on PupStyle and you have Sushi Cat to blame thank! Continue reading


Pet Life Radio with Dara Foster

Dara Foster hosted her latest installment of “The Pet Set” on PetlifeRadio.com.

This episode included a fascinating interview with Groomer Has It superstar Jorge Bendersky. Jorge can be seen as a grooming judge on TLC’s new show “Extreme Poodles”. A long time friend of PupStyle – he shares some great grooming tips with Dara and fully flexes his outrageous accent!

Dara also takes the time to talk with Sheryl Matthys the author of the best selling relationship book Leashes and Lovers and founder of the social networking site Leashesandlovers.com. Sheryl talks about ways to handle a relationship break up and dog custody issues and well as tips on how to best blend your dog into your new love life.

Listen to the Pet Set by clicking the play button below:
Listen to the Pet Set Now

or you can visit PetLifeRadio.com to read more and listen.
or you can even download the show via iTunes for easy iPod listening!


The Wonderful Wizard of Dogz

This short (too short) movie recreates all of the magic of the original while combining it with some of the cutest actors around. Produced by the BBC to popularize their TV series about the Wizard of Oz this is a slice of campy dog fashion not to be missed! Clocking in at 2:46 long – it is worth sitting through just for the feline flying monkeys and the great Wizard of Dogz Chihuahua! Pure PupStyle gold!

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