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Hot new meme #breading not just for cats!

UPDATE: Bernard has been featured on Gawker.com wrap up of the top Breading shots online! He is the last one of the page (obv saving the best for last!)

First you had #planking then #owling then #Tebowing and now your pets can get in on the “fun” with #breading. Recently highlighted by Gawker the breading phenomena is taking the web by storm! A simple concept really – grab a slice of bread – hollow out a pet head sized hole – stick it on your pet – and take pictures! GENIUS! Well up until now it has been mainly cats being #breaded – and the trend could be traced further back to a rabbit being “waffled”. But now thanks to PupStyle’s crack team of bread stylists we are proud to bring you PupStyle #breading! NOTE: No dogs were harmed in the #breading for these photos – and did not eat the bread.

The progenitors of #breading - a rabbit with a waffle on it's head and a recent #breaded cat

Bernard is built to be #breaded!

Bernard cracking a smile while being #breaded

Flo is ok with the concept of #breading and wanted to get in on the action.


Radio Shack is SO WRONG!

This season’s holiday TV ad barrage had a little “pet fashion” wrinkle in the mix that caught our eye. Radio Shack latest round of ads feature things that are SO WRONG as opposed to shopping with Radio Shack. But one of their ads starts with this completely adorbs Pomeranian dressed in a pretty snazzy green elf outfit and then flashes “SO WRONG” across the screen?!?! Huh? What?

Not quite Boycott-worthy but come on Radio Shack! If you want to check out things that are SO WRONG please check out PupStyle’s Doggie Don’ts.


Issac Mizrahi & Patricia Fields talk pet fashion in “Fashion Faux Paws” Video

From LStudio Productions comes this super cool video highlighting the ins and outs of the dog fashion world along with hilarious and insightful commentary from fashion demi-gods Patrcia Fields and Issac Mizrahi. Keep an eye out for a cameo appearance of Heidi Klum. Loads of dog fashion eye candy and great footage from Pet Fashion Weeks past. Enjoy!


14th Annual Macy’s Petacular New York City

This past weekend Macy’s held their 14th annual Spring/Easter Petacular at their flagship store in Herald Square New York City. The costumed contestants ranged from a Hamster to a Parrot and over 100 dogs and cats.
The PupStyle crew was in full force with Emmet and MeiMei decked out in beautiful flower costumes (a last-minute late-night DIY project by PupStyle editor Carlene Mahanna). Their outfits were so awesome that the NY Daily News snapped their pics and declared their style on par with Lady Gaga. (High praise indeed!)

Super celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky’s doggie Tito was in FULL effect and loving it!

A brilliant and super simple idea garnered this pup a place on the costume contest podium!


$1.5 Million dollar Mastiff Puppy

Tibetan Mastiff puppy ‘Hong Dong’ (no relation to Long Duck) was recently purchased by a Chinese coal magnate for a whopping 10 million yuan (about $1.5 million USD). We got word of this prodigious puppy purchase from our new buddies down-under at Poochmag.

This mega-gigantic fluff-ball is only 11 months old and already 3 feet tall at the shoulder and over 180 pounds. Wowzers! The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the world’s oldest and rarest breeds – said to have been kept by Genghis Khan and Lord Budhha.

China’s “new rich” have fallen in love with these living, breathing & slobbering status symbols and helped push the prices for purebred puppies into the millions. The previous “most expensive dog” title holder was another Tibetan Mastiff named Yangtze River Number Two purchased for a paltry $500,000 USD in 2009. To make up for the embarrassingly low price tag the owner picked up Yangtze River Number Two in a 30 car motorcade when he was driven home (sigh – 50 cars would have been nicer but 30 will do….)

Hong Dong will have a busy schedule ahead of him with breeders paying upwards of $16,000 USD for a “date with the Donger”.

In unrelated news Max-a-million the “Bionic Dog” is crestfallen after his title as “the million dollar dog” has been made irrelevant.

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